okay so, as an lgbtq person, i’m just gonna rant for a second about larry and how it affects me. so first of all, so many larries will constantly call antis homophobic for trying to “protect L’s straightness” this is j fucked up tbh.
i am not some heterosavior. we do not want to protect L, we are fuckinh trying to protect every single lgbtq person that feels invalidated by all of you trying to force a straight cis man into a community he does not belong to.
i absolutely love L and if he was lgbtq i would be so supportive and so happy for him! but until he says he is and actually confirms it, he is straight. as a part of the lgbtq i feel so disrespected because you all compare whatever L went through with “management” to what
lgbtq people go through everyday. L does not face homophobia, he is straight. and if he is not, you all are fucking outing him. how do you not see how fucked up that is? anytime i say “respect L’s sexuality” i am not saying straight ppl can be invalidated.
i am saying you are invalidating a whole community and what they’ve gone through just to fit your ship’s narrative.
thanks for letting me rant! let me know if u agree LOLZ !
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