Please add “I’ll be that president” to the end of statements like this instead of dangling it out there
Republicans say “I or we will”
Democrats say “somebody should”
And the gop construction is better.
Is it the most important thing in the world? No. But if you can make a statement a 10/10 instead of a 9.4/10 why not?
And if you want to make it better than Trumps “I alone will fix it,” then say “with your help/support I will” or “together we will”
Strong and wrong beats weak and right and strong and right beats everything. Be stronger. Definitive.
The right is very good at taking advantage of an opening in a conversation. Progressives should present ideas like there is no other choice. Progress or death. There is no try.
“We can either do X, or dry up in death husks. I don’t like death husks, so we have to do X. My opponent is a death husk sympathizer. He actually gets money from the death husk industry! I get my money from... you”
Im not a fancy linguistics professor person so I don’t know if I’m explaining this clearly enough. People, especially on the left, seem to have a real hard time grasping it and I’m doing my best to explain.
Just use the progressive option to close the sale. Don’t just trust the target to make the right choice. Give her your position as the only logical choice, every time. This isn’t a debate. It’s a sales job. “If you don’t buy this Corolla your whole family will end up dead.”
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