Beginning your investing journey is one of the BEST decisions you can make during your lifetime

There are some specific "Do's & Don't" for new investors I would like to cover


"Start Early"

The earlier the better, but getting started is the most important

Let's see how you can generate $1M by age 60. Let's assume a 9% return

20yo invests $245/mo
30yo invests $610/mo
40yo invests $1,625/mo

Starting earlier makes a HUGE difference

"Don't Start Day Trading"

Day trading comes with risks! When starting out, build a portfolio base 1st before adding risk

Day trading takes education and is a difficult way to begin your investing journey

I prefer new investors build a base of ETFs and Dividend stocks 1st!


A DIVERSIFIED portfolio is the best portfolio. Here is how I breakout my portfolio

35% Dividend Stocks
30% ETFs
25% Growth
5% Fixed Income
5% Options

Dividend Stocks come in various types

Traditional Dividend (Decent Yield, slower Growth)

Dividend Growth (share appreciation and Div Growth)


High Yield

ETFs you can find in all shapes and sizes


Sector Specific ETFs $VGT $XLF $XLK $SCHH

Growth ETFs $ARKK $FDG

Dividend ETFs $DGRO $VYM $SCHD

"Ignore Penny Stocks"

Similar to day trading, I suggest investors refrain from beginning with Penny stocks. In fact, I ignore penny stocks in general simply due to the HIGH RISK

"Focus Long Term"

My focus is on investing and specifically investing for the Long-Term. Patience tends to be rewarded when it comes to investing in high-quality companies

The Get Rich Quick schemes tend to be a focus for new investors, but usually end up in BIG FAST losses


Always continue to educate yourself, either through reading or courses

I am always looking to gain further knowledge and look to gain an edge or make better or more sound investments

These are just some of the Do's and Dont's a new investor should follow.

Educate + Diversify + Patience will go far for you!

Best of luck and please let me know if you EVER have any questions!
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