The Proud Boys and their supporters are gathering at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon. I’ll be providing live coverage all day, thread starts here. When things amp up, I’ll be livestreaming.
“Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong” says the shirts some are wearing.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of commies,” it claims.

“RWFS” is on the side. Normally RWDS = “right wing death squads.”

He says the F is for “fun.”
Chants of “fuck antifa!” led by Joe Biggs.
A handful of attendees are wearing handguns, but mace and clubs are a lot more abundant.
Antifascist counter-demonstrators are theoretically rallying up at two parks today; one nearby and one over three miles away.

The park the right-wingers are in is vast and has a fence around most of it. Their vehicles are also basically in the middle of the area.
My point in saying this is that if there were to be counter-protesters showing up here, it wouldn’t be particularly sudden. There’s a pretty lengthy open no-man’s land in between.
The rally is for Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha shooter who killed two and injured a third, and Aaron 'Jay' Danielson, a right-winger shot dead in Portland by an antifascist.

Some have outfits printed with both names.
This guy has a platter of stickers for people.
They’re handing out fliers / stickers in the style of WWII and Red Scare-eta art.
Skyler Jernigan, who took two shots out of his car at antifa last month, is also here.
I spoke with one Proud Boy holding a sign for Aaron “Jay” Danielson.
“Kyle’s life matters” says one sign borrowing the Black Lives Matter style/font.
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