It's Mama Winnie Madikizela Nomzamo Mandela birthday. I have combined couple of archives of her speech.

1. This is in 1995. Winnie is saying

" we are not free. You know that we are not totally liberated in South Africa. The women still have a long fight "
2. Mama Winnie was with the people, struggled with the people, fought with the people. She loved the country, loved black people with her entire life

This video is an excerpt of the documentary " free Mandela".
3. This is June 12th 1980.Winnie has entered a second decade of fighting for Nelson's release

" Mandela is a people’s leader and there is no peaceful transition whatsoever without his release".
4. On September 3rd 1985, Winnie spoke to Thames TV daytime discussion

She urged the International community to sanction the apartheid government:

" we are calling everyone who has shown solidarity with the people of South Africa to show their solidarity more than ever"
5. This is February 1st 1985, Winnie is being asked how she felt when the apartheid govt agreed to free her husband on certain conditions.

She replied:

"My reaction was that it's the usual cosmetic south african racist government "
6. This is July 18th 1988. It was Nelso Mandela's 70th birthday
Winnie said

" Comrades, I hope this day should be observed as a day of peace, the peaceful struggle we always wanted to attain "
7. I personally love this video of Winnie speaking to the students at the University of Bophuthatswana.

Winnie was a woman of the people✊❤
8. This was at Paul Munana's funeral. He was shot after voicing support for Mama Winnie in a TV interview.

Mama Winnie on here, painful articulate how hurt she is for having been demonized and treated like a criminal.
9. To end my thread. She left us these words:

" it is an individual choice you make in your life to make a difference, to understand my neighbor is not privileged as I am and extend your heart to those around you and that is the democracy we should protect"
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