The Haitian Revolution is the only Revolution that matters.

All of the other revolutions were rooted in slavery, colonialism, imperialism, racism and all the other “isms” your raggedy Caucasian ancestors used to build their fortunes for free. Haiti freed itself.
Many of you are confusing the word REVOLUTION with the word REVOLT. This tweet addresses the only successful REVOLUTION in history where black slaves freed themselves. Name another Revolution where this happened successfully. Name another successful anti-slavery Revolution.
Most of the revolutions we’re taught about in school were literally between non-black slave masters. This is why we don’t learn about Haiti in school. There would have to be an admittance of disgrace. This is why Haiti’s is the most important one. I stand by that.
I don’t see how pointing out Haiti’s Revolution being the only one that matters is ANTI-BLACK or embarrassing... given it’s success, the punishment of Haiti because of it and the racial state we are in now.

However I do understand the need to argue and drag on this platform.
Last thing I’ll say on this topic because I have some griot in the oven. There is a difference between a slave revolt/rebellion and a REVOLUTION. My tweet said


Thank you so much for your time.
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