🧵 A thread on key highlights from #ModiAtUN 🇮🇳

(It was 🔥)
1/ PM raises questions on current structure of UN and it's relevance.

he says, there are many achievements but so manu failures.

It's true we were able to stop third world war, but several civil wars and terrorists attack point at its failure.
2/ He questions the role of UN in fighting COVID.

He asks "where was an effective response from UN" in past 8-9 months for fighting COVID. 🔥
3/ #ModiAtUN He says, UN NEEDS REFORM.

But will this process of reform ever reach its logical conclusion.

Also, how long will India, with 18% of world population, be kept out? 🔥
4 #ModiAtUN He asks, how long will a country like India has to wait?

A country whose changes affect the entire world!! 🔥
5/ #ModiAtUN We consider the whole world as our family, its in our culture. 

Our friendships offer is never ill-intentioned. We have always shared our growth process. 🔥
6/ #ModiAtUN From Yoga day to International day of non-violence, it was India that started them all.

We have played a key role in formulating international solar alliance. 🔥
7/ #ModiAtUN India sent medicines to 150+ countries during the pandemic. 

Our vaccine production capabilities will once again help the world in the vaccination process.
8/ #ModiAtUN India will keep sepaking against enemy of humanity - terrorist, along with drug trafficking, money laundering, smuggling of ammunition. 🔥
9/ #ModiAtUN Then he talks about some of the achievements of his government and the future vision of self-reliance. 

He said the world can also learn from these! 🔥
10/ #ModiAtUN my assessment: 

Indian PM showed subtle display of soft power, highlighted India's important for the world and underlined the fact that it's not viable to keep India out from UN reform process
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