Our headteacher has muted the idea of a staff welfare group - can you please share ideas on what is being done in your schools to support staff welfare? All ideas welcome, no matter if they're small gestures or pretty large ones.
I'll start: 1) a class feedback policy for assessments is the minimum amount of marking expected per group - frequency us judged by how often you teach the group
@rf_watson @DeputyPeake I know you two do a lot for staff welfare.
2) A teacher shout-out each week - someone who has gone beyond for you. (Usually backed up with chocolate)
3) Teacher 'personal' days - 2 a year, no expectation on this day to come in for INSET.
I had no idea so many people would be interested in this tweet - I can spell 'moot' now, you'll all be glad to know! 😂
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