Here is an interesting shop

Ruby Slippers

A closer inspection:

I see this thrift shop that is by appointment only.

And is connected to another shop under the same name.

Red Shoes

Mickey Mouse

Boys book


Chicken Hawk

#Daylesford #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall
Of course this all looks above board and the owner really has a flare for decorating
A closer look at the front window

Slightly oblivious

Too serious for words
A quick google image search
Interestingly they are a fan of local artist David Bromley’s work.

Nice to support your local artist.

This led me to checkout their webpage

Sorry chickens, but we are home drinking quarantini’s! 
Just a coincidence surely...

Open your eyes Australia

In plain sight

Definitely not connected..
These are photos from the adjacent garden
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