My favorite SPB Kannada pop(ish?) songs. NSFW, they're raunchy.

If you choose to watch these songs, then male gaze credits: V Ravichandran.
Commonu darling (from Annayya).
Halli Meshtre (from Halli Meshtru). Watch for Silk Smitha.

Choriyaagide Nanna Dil (from Preetsod Thappa).
Naanu Nanna Hendthiru to celebrate polyamory
Preetiyalli Iro Sukha (from Anjada Gandu)
Idu Nanna Ninna Prema Geethe (from Premaloka). Watch for the strange VFX.
Nothing beats Kaayi Kaayi Nuggekai from Halli Meshtru.
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