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Heartless. Merciless. Bloodthirsty.

Those were just a few of the words used to describe the Dragonborn clan of the eastern lands and mountains. Fiery demons banished from even the underbelly of hell. It was said that if you look into the fiery eyes of a Dragonborn that your
blood would ignite in flames, slowly burning your flesh from the inside out until you were dead and nothing but ash. Told to be unbelievably strong, and dangerous monsters who are mindless savages trying to gain as much land as possible so they can feast on the innocent. At least
that’s what the common folk knew, grotesque rumors that were all false. Well maybe not all class but they definitely didn’t fight for no reason AND they weren’t even the ones who attacked first.

The Todoroki kingdom was on the outside a happy prosperous kingdom, filled with
peace and happiness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This kingdom’s corruption was rooted deep, and laced with manipulation and abuse. Even the royal family fell victim to growing dark force threatening to break through the stronghold. Even though it was their own
doing that brought down this misfortune, specifically the King Endeavor, who was outraged at the triumphs of neighboring kingdoms, specifically the mage kingdom to the south, where the great knight of peace resided as King.

Recently with the kingdoms being at war it has only
fed the dark cloud growing in the Todoroki Kingdom and with the event of the heir of the Mage Kingdom going missing a few years back the world was thrown even deeper into chaos at the outrage, and after the Todoroki kingdom tried to tunnel into their mountain ranges. It was the
final straw.

Thinking they could win easily was stupid, thinking the public would accept their help was foolish. Lies and rumors spread about them, misinformation and their myths and legends tarnished by fake stories, it pissed them off… or rather it pissed off none other that
the Explosive leader of the Dragon Clan.. well soon to be leader but with how he acted and how people respected him he might as well be. Katsuki Bakugou. Alpha among Alphas, Prime among primes! He was the strongest of the clan and he proved it from a young age by being able to
calm the raging dragons in their homeland.

Soon word spread of the encroaching Dragon Prince and everyone from bounty hunters to the royal armies even citizens were out for blood to claim the bounty King Endeavor had placed on the DragonBorn clan. Even in their own territories
they weren’t safe. They were being hunted so that was when Katsuki decided if they wanted a fight. They’d get one, but what he wasn’t prepared for was the amount of people after his head.

Just breaking the mountain pass they had already been in battle 3 times that day, each
time the battle getting tougher as the skill level of the opponents grew. His men weren’t injured but they definitely were tired, but right as they turned the corner they were met with an explosion.

Everything was happening too fast; it sent him and his men flying, and
unluckily for him he was flung over the cliff's edge where Katsuki tumbled and tumbled until finally landing in the pond below, but Katsuki wasn’t alone down here, no, soon he saw more of this group at the water's edge as he swam to shore.

The fiery Prince let out a low warning
growl, to which the attackers returned.

“Tch.” Katsuki scoffed and then charged. “YOU MOTHER FUCKERS ARE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!” He yelled as he ran toward the men fire crackling up his skin as explosive power ignited in his palms. He let off explosion after explosion his veins
glowing like lava in his forearms and his eyes radiated a vibrant crimson. “DDDIIIEEEEEEE!!”

In the midst of the attackers Katsuki forgot the cardinal rule of fighting alone in the forest. He forgot about trees and it seemed as soon as he remembered it was too late. He felt a
sharp pin prick on the side of his neck and immediately covered it with his hand pulling a dart back with it. He growled with anger, his chest started to ignite and crackle like a flame reading to burst.

He sucked in a deep breath and ravaged the attacker convoy with a hellfire
breath, burning all in his wake to a crisp of ash and dust, soon followed by explosions that raked the bare and scorched earth to destroy the ones in the trees. Gods he was pissed off. First, being separated from his group, then landing in water causing his body to be in a
weaker state and now being shot with what he could only assume to be poison.

He needed to get back to his party soon. They had a medical mage that could help his ailments hopefully. He took a deep breath and stepped forward and made his way back toward the mountains path back
up, he could still hear the fighting going on from below even some bodies flying over the edge splattering everywhere on the forest floor, to which Katsuki laughed at every time. None of his men fell off the edge and that boosted his pride for his men… his pack. They needed
their prime, but it would have to wait.

Suddenly the world spun around him, he felt dizzy and lightheaded, his stomach coiling in on himself, he felt like he was dying. However to Katsuki’s relief it soon melted away when a spicy sweet scent hit his nose. It was like nothing
he’d ever smelt before. He felt at home, his eyes grew heavy as he then started walking toward the scent. His mind still being there however made him stop in his tracks as he realized his symptoms.

He was going into rut. His rut only came once every 3 months and his last rut
was last month. How could he- the realization hit him and he lashed out in anger bringing down a tree in one attack burning it clean through. His body temperature was rising and rising quick. They must have hit him with a rut inducer. He’d heard of them before, seen them work
before and knew immediately what the ambushers plans were.

See with Dragonborn Alphas their ruts are when they are at their most powerful, their bodies are hardened with endless reserves of strength so long as they never cool; because of this they all are also in their most
vulnerable state as well. Usually alphas in rut spend their heats keeping their mates warm and the nest hot so no coolness can affect their mates well being and be able to rid their mate of any soreness that will come from their rut, and because of that their bodies shut down +
the use of their explosive powers; but if an Alpha were to be cooled down by ice or thrown into water during their rut, it would send them into a hibernation like sleep that often ended in death.

Katsuki was pissed off.. they attempted to kill him in such a pathetic way! WHAT
LOSERS! If they wanted to kill him, do it as a fair fight! He was fuming. Katsuki gripped himself fighting against the rock of the mountain as the scent wafted through his body again. He was in trouble. This was the best thing he’d ever smelt. He wanted it. He wanted to taste it,
wanted to claim it. Bite it. Make it his. Fuck whomever it was coming from. Fill them with pups. //HIS// pups.

But there was one issue, as the last shreds of Katsuki’s mind held on to the wall he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off the rut so all he could do was hope his
mother wouldn’t be too mad when he came home with a mate. You see Dragonborn mate for life. Once the bond is made it cannot be broken. Usually in their kingdoms Alphas in ruts are locked in chambers until they are of age or want to claim a mate. Katsuki didn’t have that luxury
today. He was going to find his Queen today. He was going to mate them today. Claim them today.

Katsuki let out a frustrated growl as he then slammed his hand into the rocks to which nothing came out, which meant his rut was already in full swing. The rutting alpha followed the
scent hopelessly. He’d been walking for an hour at least and then the wind blew in his direction, the scent 10 times stronger than it was before. That woke him up for sure.

Katsuki picked up his pace as he hunted down the scent, his veins and skin swirling around with fire
under his skin like molten lava, it danced along his tattooed bicep and across his chest in a light glow. He soon heard crackling in the distance and saw the glow of a fire playing through the trees in the dark.

Katsuki rushed to the site, no one was there but the scent… the
scent was strongest here. He bent down, his red cape draped across the forest floor as he picked up a blanket that was thrown over a log. He brought it to his face and inhaled immediately his eyes turned to slits. “Omega..” he growled out huskily and quiet as he looked at the
blanket. He inhaled once again this time more in tune with the scent.

Snap-crunch crunch.

Katsuki whipped his head around and growled loudly at the intruder. His chest and arms glowing furiously and brightly as he faces the intruder. The lava like light spread up his neck and
into his mouth and cheeks as he snarled.

“EEEEPPP!!” A small meak voice screamed from the shadows. A scramble could be heard amongst the underbrush, soon followed by a whimper of pain and fear.

Katsuki wasted no time and rose to his feet intent on killing whatever was trying
to invade his space, his mate's space but as he grew closer he revealed a messy mop of green hair. His growls ceased to a low rumble as he bent down to the smaller male.

The smaller male was dressed in torn and dirty clothes, his skin blemished all over with scratches and
bruises specially around his ankles and wrists, and appeared to have one of his arms in a makeshift sling. The poor thing looked like it’d been through hell and back. Katsuki’s eyes dilated as he closed the distance between their faces and that’s when he finally got a look at his
face. Deep viridian green met with a blazing crimson as Katsuki inhaled. The spicy sweet scent igniting his lungs. Immediately his body pulsed with heat and light making the small boy tense up and eyes go wide as tears started to form.

“P-p-please don’t kill me!” He cried.
“I-I just got f free- I d-don’t want to die!” He put his hand over his face, his whole body convulsing with desperate sobs.

Katsuki’s eyes blew out and focused on the smaller male… his omega. “Omega.” Katsuki grumbled out with grit followed by a gentle purr.

The boy peeked
up at Katsuki, his eyes wide at the display in front of him, but then upon realizing that this was a dragon born in front of him he closed his eyes abruptly again and started shaking his head. “G-go away! L-leave me alone!” Izuku said as he grabbed a stick from the ground.
“BLASTSTAR!” Izuku yelled with force and soon Katsuki was flung across camp with a gust of wind.

Izuku quickly scrambled to his feet and ran towards his sack behind the log. In a swift motion he pulled the sack from its place and began to run but he should have just run. Right
as his foot pivoted to run away he was tackled to the ground, a loud snarl in his ear. Izuku yelped and screamed in fear. He just got free from the Todoroki kingdom and their torture. He just wanted to get home to his mother.. his kingdom. He was only a day's journey away from
the border into his homeland. He was so close! The small omega thrashed and squirmed trying to break free of the Alpha on top of him, but it was no use. He was pinned, the smaller male broke in sobs once again, this time full of defeat and agony. He’d gone through so much,
figures his life would end this way. He let his body go limp under the alpha as he silently cried.

Katsuki’s grip loosened slightly and instead of gripping the males wrists under him he spread his palms across them with a soothing heat, he let out coos and small purrs as
Katsuki inhaled that spicy scent below him which had now turned more bitter than anything.

Katsuki whined slightly as he noticed the gleam of tears slipping down his omegas face. He pressed his body fully against the body underneath him and then brought up one hand and caressed
the weeping face wiping away tears. Although ruts were a pretty violent time once lost in the thick of it, Dragonborns were gentle, especially when they mate for the first time with their partner. They want to make sure they are comfortable and happy. They want to take care of
them in every way possible. Soon however the inner Alpha would be let free and gentle would be the last word to describe Katsuki, but for now he wanted to bring back the scent that drew him in so sweetly.

“My omega.” Katsuki grumbled as he kissed the freckled cheek stained
with tears.

Izuku tenses up again, the feeling of the warmth against all his aching muscles and bones was incredibly nice and the scent filling his lungs wasn’t so bad either, he even wished his nose wasn’t broken so he could smell more but the underlying fear of a being found
by a Dragonborn alpha was stronger. He’d read about them in books, heard about them in stories. They were a powerful race. He wouldn’t stand a chance.

“Open your eyes.” Katsuki grumbled as he nuzzled Izuku’s face, his legs making quick work of pushing the smaller males legs
apart so he could be seated in between. “Let me see you.”

Izuku shook his head. “I-I’ll die! You turn people to ash!”

Katsuki paused for a moment and then let out a laugh and vibrated through Izuku. “Fine…” he huffed as he let go of Izuku’s face.

Katsuki rolled his hips into the omegas ass and trailed a kiss from his jaw down his neck.

Izuku gasped and gripped the forest floor. “N-no.” He let out.

Katsuki chuckled and only continued his advances. Tenderly peeling away Izuku defenses with his soft warm touches across
his body. Katsuki cirlcled his tongue around Izuku’s neck gland and nipped at it here and there slowly bringing out pants and small moans from the omega. Adding that Katsuki also kept grinding his hips into the smaller omega, the scent of before.. a relaxed omega started to fill
the air. His chest rumbled with satisfaction as he then started ripping at the clothes covering his mate. Quite literally. He shredded the clothes and yanked them off leaving the omega naked underneath him. Katsuki lifted from the smaller male moving his hands to grip his hips as
he trailed small pecks across the freckled back before him.

“Hnnggg- stop!” Izuku said as he whirled around and clocked Katsuki square in the jaw. Katsuki snapped open his eyes and were once again met with the green eyes. His eyes turned to slits and he lunged forward,
flipping Izuku over on his back in the process and capturing his lips into a hungry kiss.

“MINE!” Katsuki growled as he devoured Izuku whole in his kiss. The male omega tried to struggle and tried to break free from the grip but he couldn’t. His body was too weak from his
escape and the heavy scent of arousal was hitting him hard. All he could do was whimper into the embrace.

Only after Katsuki himself felt like he needed air did he break and the sight underneath him went straight to his raging cock trapped in his pants. A flushed red freckled
face eyes glazed over with lust and desperation. “Heh….” Katsuki chuffed, satisfied with the omega’s reaction. “My queen.” Katsuki said breathlessly as he then dipped down and trailed kissed and hickeys down Izuku’s abdomen.

“Y-you’re w what?” Izuku stuttered coming out of
his gaze after getting oxygen. “I’m no-AHH!” Izuku moaned out as Katsuki dove between his legs taking his tiny omega cock into his mouth in one go.

“H-hey-“ Izuku let out as he tried to pull on the dragonborns hair. It was surprisingly soft despite how sharp it looked. The
warmth over his entire body was something Izuku hadn’t felt in such a long time. The pleasure as well. He’d been held captive for so long, used for so long and left with no warmth to cuddle into, no softness to call his own. It had been years since he felt this much affection
from anyone. “H-HEY- ahh” Izuku said firmer but then felt two fingers push into him, a surge went through his body and so, a gush of slick pushed throughout his hole onto the blondes face and chin. “Ahah…” Izuku breathed out trying to steady himself from The waves of sensations
hitting him all at once as Katsuki’s fingers kept digging to find something inside of him.

Katsuki looked up at Izuku, not even pausing with his actions. It was a fiery gaze, with unwavering strength, loyalty, protection and adoration. Izuku’s heart started to beat faster and
his eyes dilated in reaction to Katsuki’s gaze. Katsuki smirked against the Izuku’s stomach cock still in his mouth as he tasted every drop.

Izuku jolted as another finger was added and then an absolute rush of pleasure shocked him to his core and he came with so much force he
fell backwards. “A-aaahhh” Izuku screamed out as he laid there limp in the Dragonborn’s grasp.

“So beautiful…” Katsuki grumbled as he sat up still gripping the omegas plump hips and thighs as he licked his lips and fingers clean. Katsuki unclasped his cape from his shoulders
and let it drop to the ground. The thud brought Izuku’s gaze up to the alpha towering above him as his body still twitched every now and again.

“P-please…” Izuku broke, the warmth and pleasure he hadn’t had in so long was right here in front of him, but this was a Dragonborn.
The Alpha in front of him was a Dragonborn. “D-dont ki-“

“-Mate.” Katsuki growled as he unbuckled his pants. “My queen.” Katsuki said as he let his cock spring free it slapping agasint Izuku’s bare sex causing the omega to jolt and squirm.

Izuku’s eyes grew wide as he pushed
himself up with his good arm. The sheer size of the alpha cock in front of him churned his guts. It was at least the size of his forearm- then he saw the knot at the base was bigger than his fist. “N-no!! You are gonna kill me!” Izuku let out as he tried to back away but
Katsuki’s grip was stronger.

Katsuki pulled the omega closer and snarled, the gentle nature of the alpha now slowly fading away to pure instinct. Izuku pushed against the alphas chest as he felt the alpha rutting his dick against the slick gushing out of him up between his legs.
Every pass had Izuku shaking. It felt so good but he was scared.

He’d had sex before… not willingly, but he knew what happened. It always hurt. It always felt bad. He didn’t want this! “P-please no-“ Izuku started but soon felt the tip pop into his entrance in a quick thrust.
Izuku groaned at the stretch it was bigger than anything he’d ever taken before. It was only the tip! Izuku squirmed and pleaded as Katsuki slowly rolled his hips into the omega. Katsuki leaned down and pulled the freckled omega into an embrace, his hands expanding over his lower
back heating up the muscles. Inch by inch Katsuki sunk deeper and deeper, Izuku felt like he was being torn apart, he was so full and he just kept getting fuller and fuller. “P-pplease- alpha- s-stop-“ Izuku cried “I-I can’t.” He sobbed.

Katsuki didn’t stop, in fact at the
sound of Izuku pleas he sped up pushing himself into the tight heat, and soon he was fully sheathed inside. He nuzzled his glands against Izuku’s and began scenting him. Izuku gasped and squirmed feeling the heavy cock inside him and the thick knot pressed tight against him was
so overwhelming. His body was already extremely sensitive from cumming moments ago. Izuku tried to speak but all the game out was gargled moans and whimpers.

Katsuki lifted the omega up onto his hips and somehow Izuku slipped deeper onto the cock impaling him bringing out a
loud wail. With one firm hand on Izuku’s back, Katsuki pulled his cape around in front of him and placed Izuku down on top of it so his head was resting in the fur pelt that was absolutely drenched in the prime alpha’s scent. Immediately Izuku’s pained expression was subdued and
his pupils blew out. His gaze looking up at the alpha helplessly as his brows turned upwards. “A-alpha - please-“ Izuku whined his good arm trembling as he reached for Katsuki.

Katsuki smirked and looked over the smallest body. He then watched the bulge in Izuku’s small
starved frame standing proud as it became nothing when he pulled all the way out to the tip. The omega whined painfully as the fullness left him only to be slammed back in with such force it knocked the air from his lungs. Katsuki’s hips swing with such force as he set a
brutal pace, if it weren’t for the grip he had on Izuku’s hips the omegas would have gone flying forward with every thrust.

The air filled with screams of pleasure and moans as Katsuki ravished his body. The sound of slick pouring out of Izuku’s body and forced out by his cock
filled the air around them. Izuku couldn’t catch his breath, the sheer pressure alone made it hard to even focus on breathing. Katsuki watched the omega from above licking his lips. “Y-you’re mine!” He growled out his chest expanding with light. “My queen-“ he huffed as he
pulled Izuku’s legs up over his shoulders. “Gonna fill you with my pups!” He said as he then leaned forward caging Izuku and effectively bending him in half.

“Hnnnhhhggghhhh!” Izuku let out as Katsuki bent him in two. “A-alpha-“ Izuku moaned out as he felt his pleasure building.
“I’m- ahh!” Izuku was at the mercy of this Dragonborn. His body felt like it was no longer his.

Katsuki nuzzled Izuku’s neck yet again the added pressure of his weight folding Izuku over all of a sudden had Katsuki thrusting at just the right angle, making Izuku see stars. The
green haired omegas hand jolted to Katsuki’s back and held on for dear life as he wailed. “T-t—there!!” He screamed.

Katsuki purred in satisfaction, picking up his frantic speed. Izuku could feel it, this alpha was close, he was close and even now feeling the scolding hot
liquid slowly sweeping into him from Katsuki’s pre-cum had Izuku’s body igniting in warmth and relaxing his body. The stretch was no longer painful; in fact now all his body craved was to be stretched more, and it soon got what it wanted as Katsuki’s knot finally slipped inside
the sloppy hole. A silent scream torn through Izuku’s body and a wave of warmth fluttered over his body as he came for the second time, but Katsuki wasn’t done yet, Katsuki kept his brutal pace through Izuku’s orgasam pulling the knot in and out of Izuku, making the omega squirm
with oversensitivity.

The Dragonborn’s pace became erratic now, the scent of his omega cumming again made his cock throb. He wanted to cum to. He wanted to breed his omega. Claim him. Stuff him full with his alpha seed. Another few frantic thrusts later and Katsuki’s knot would
no longer pop back out, Izuku whined put as Katsuki tried to pull out pulling the omega with it and then Katsuki grinded and grinded down hard cause Izuku’s entire body to shaking with pleasure. “Ah-ya-ah-!!” He moaned out breathlessly as Katsuki growled in return.

He nuzzled
Izuku’s neck and cooed as he licked his scent gland. Izuku lost in all the emotions and pleasure cooed back and that's when Katsuki dove in. Capturing Izuku’s scent gland in his fangs, he popped them, claiming Izuku as his mate for life as his cock splurged into Izuku’s insides.
Izuku screamed out, cumming yet again and his body went limp, he felt the molten liquid fill him up and stretch his stomach. Katsuki pulled off of Izuku’s neck and licked the wound clean. He nuzzled Izuku's face as his body erupted in a loud purr.

Izuku looked up at Katsuki,
eyes half lidded with exhaustion. This alpha just mated him. Izuku jolted again as another round of cum shot into his womb. He felt so full..

Katsuki caressed one of his hands against Izuku’s face. “Mine.”

So loved. Izuku began to cry. Katsuki swiftly covered his omega in
warmth and nuzzled under his chin. “Sssshhh…” Katsuki grumbled holding Izuku close. This was his queen now. For life. He could feel it deep in his bones. It all just felt perfect.

Izuku at some point passed out from the exhaustion, after cumming again from the pressure
building in his stomach. Katsuki took care of Izuku all night long, even moving them back toward the campfire to stay warm at night as their bodies intertwined in the darkness.

Soon Katsuki’s rut fog cleared for a brief moment as he saw the sun crest above the mountains. He
looked down at his mate… his beautiful mate.

“Lucky” was all Katsuki could murmur as he pushed the green locks from his face. He was never really fond of female omegas and lucky for him he found a male one.. which he’d only heard about, never actually seeing one, aside from
his father. His crimson eyes connected the freckles across the omega’s face as he took in every inch of his sleeping mate and that’s when Katsuki noticed. Bruises and scratches littering his body, all too old to say he was the reason. Where had his mate come from? Why was he so
beaten? The Dragonborn became distressed at the thought of someone hurting his omega as his eyes traveled down his body again. He was frail and thin, definitely starved and weak.

Katsuki unhooked his arm from his mate and sat up looking around. They were so exposed. They had no
food. He looked down at the still sleeping omega and grunted as he got up. He pulled his pants up and buckled them as he threw his cloak over the smaller male wrapping him up tight and then throwing the blanket from the camp over him. He needed to provide for his new mate and
pups, with a determined huff Katsuki set out to find food and upon walking he realized that last night in the frenzy he actually made Izuku drop his dinner. A rabbit laid dead on the ground next to the scorch marks on the ground. He frowned at himself. That was probably something
his mate worked hard for. Katsuki begrudgingly brushed it off and then went hunting.

The next thing Izuku knew he woke up in blush pelts and soft moss in a somewhat dark place. Izuku jolted upwards fearing he’d been captured again but stopped dead at the ache in his back hips.
“Oh-ow…” he whined as he curled on himself, only then did he feel the ache in his neck. His eyes expanded and he reached up and grabbed the side of his neck, fresh ridged bumps on his neck gave him one answer, last night wasn’t a dream. He’d been mated by a Dragonborn in a rut
frenzy and now he was unable to move due to the activities the night before. Right before Izuku could crumble in on himself and cry, a juicy piece of meat was shoved in his face.

Izuku’s eyes blew wide as his hands reacted on instinct and grabbed the meat. The delicious savory
smell instantly made his stomach rumble with hunger and his mouth all watery. It had been days since he ate a proper meal and this, THIS, smelt so good. Izuku didn’t even waste time and started eating and eating making coos and purrs as he stuffed himself full with the delicious
meat. Katsuki sat and watched Izuku with hooded eyes, he’d caught a wild boar skinned it for its hide and cooked it for his mate, he made a makeshift den for them as well and this reaction made all of the pain and fight worth it. His mind was slipping into another round of his
rut, all he wanted was his mate again, to immerse himself mind and soul into his frail mate.

Katsuki stalked around the nest until he was behind Izuku and then slowly climbed over him kissing the back of his neck gently as he hands snaked around the smaller waist.

Izuku stopped eating for a second and turned to face the Dragonborn. Izuku froze when he met the crimson eyes staring directly at him. He was beautiful, structured jaw and porcelain skin, Blonde hair and a muscled body. The omega gulped as he started into the eyes before him,
this man… was his mate-

Izuku opened his mouth to say something but Katsuki leaned forward and kissed him. “Hmph!!” Izuku let out as Katsuki deepened the kiss pushing Izuku down into the plush nest. So Katsuki seated himself between Izuku’s legs again and pressed into him.
The omega gasped as he inhaled. “A-A- w wait-“ Izuku squirmed. But it was too late for Katsuki to stop, he was already pushing into the right heat he craved so deeply until he was fully settled inside.

Katsuki started with slow deep thrusts as he then cuddled Izuku from behind.
Izuku shuddered and melted into the warmth encasing his body and soothing his muscles as he felt the push and pull of the length inside him.

“Hnnuughhhh!” Izuku let out as Katsuki started to thrust with more power. Izuku closed his eyes and buried his face into the fur pelt
underneath him. He was too weak to try and squirm too weak to try and reject this alpha, his mate? Ugh... Izuku let himself sink into the movements as his mind wandered, he wanted to go home, and this alpha now having mated him, probably wouldn’t let him leave. Izuku buried his
face into the pelts even further as Katsuki pleasured his body.

Katsuki grumbled as he kissed along the omegas neck, in and out his mate's body felt so good. Made just for him. “So beautiful.” Katsuki chuffed huskily and moved his hands underneath Izuku’s stomach and pressed
upwards creating more pressure against his dick inside. Izuku gasped and whipped his head upward at the pressure, he then felt a hand on his neck as Katsuki pace picked back up. Skin slapping skin filled the small makeshift den along with moans and gasps of pleasure.
“A - ah! Aha” Izuku let out with each thrust his stomach was full from eating and now Katsuki was filling him even more.

Soon Katsuki was at the full force of last night and it had Izuku screaming and writhing underneath his alpha, toes curled and seeing white as he came for
the first time this round, and just like the last time, Katsuki didn’t stop. In fact he pulled Izuku backwards up into his lap and fucked him upwards. Izuku looked down and watched as his stomach bulged with everything thrust. Izuku closed his eyes and gripped onto those strong
arms holding him in place as his body was rocked into oblivion. Katsuki snarled possessively and bit down on Izuku’s shoulder again as he shoved his deep knot inside. Slick gushing out as Katsuki grinded Izuku hips down into his.

Izuku moaned and squirmed the pressure was too
much, the pain in his shoulder from Katsuki’s fangs as well. Soon his womb was being filled yet again in that scalding heat. Izuku laid limply against Katsuki, his thighs trembling as Katsuki filled him. This time however Katsuki was the first to pass out, leaving Izuku to
tremble and whimper on his lonesome as he was impossibly filled.

About twenty or so minutes later the knot deflated enough for it to slip out. Izuku pulled himself up and out of Katsuki’s embrace and looked down at the sleeping Alpha. His body ached from the abuse of sex and
with his body already weak he wasn’t in any shape to travel… but.. this was his chance. He needed to get back to his home. His kingdom. He’d been gone for 3 long years and he didn’t want to be gone a day longer.

He grabbed a stick from the nest and took a deep breath. Soon
the stick glowed with green light and expanded into an illusion. The same illusion spell he used to escape. He took a deep breath and backed out of the makeshift den watching the blonde sleep soundly against the fake double. It would smell like him but not for long… in about
2 hours it would transform back into its original item. Izuku wasn’t as strong as he was when he escaped and he didn’t have enough stored energy to make it last a day like the last time but this would be enough.

Looking down at himself he was naked and his clothes had been torn
to shreds, with quick work of his blanket he cut a hole it and threw it over his head tying sides to create a poncho type clothing. He grabbed another decent sized stick from the ground to use as a walking stick/staff along with a pretty decent chunk of meat and began to slowly
walk away. His body aching with each step, it also didn’t help the cum still dripping out of him made him shiver.

After walking for about 30 minutes and eating some meat he felt energized despite the pain in his back. However, in fear of being followed Izuku smudged dirt and
moss all over him to cover his scent, and even continuously casted a camouflage spell in a small bubble around him as he continued on. It wasn’t much but at the very least he could get away and finally make it home. There he’d be safe, there he’d be free again, and maybe.. just
maybe he’d send for the Dragonborn to join him. He had the urge to look back, but Izuku shook his head. There was no time to think about that Dragonborn now. He had to make a lot of space between them so he wouldn’t get caught again, and so the small omega journeyed on,

🔥A Burning Flame🔥

BakuDeku Pairing
The den felt perfect, everything was so warm and nice. So domestic as he curled his arm around his mate and nuzzled his face into the mop of curly green hair and freckled skin. Katsuki’s eyes fluttered open as he took a deep breath, the same spicy sweet smell filling his lungs,
but something was off.. it wasn’t intense, it was actually… stale?

The Dragonborn now coming to his senses blinked the tiredness out of his eyes and pulled his mate's body toward him flipping him on his back as he looked down at him peculiarly. The stillness in his features
and body sent a solid strike of fear through Katsuki’s core. Did he kill him?? Is he dying? No no no!! So stupid!! His mate was so weak, why did he have to be so selfish!!

Katsuki gripped his mate's shoulders and pulled him up into his arms roughly to try and wake him but as
soon as his mate's body made the rough contact with Katsuki’s chest it burst into green sparkles leaving a stick in its place, where his mate //was// laying.

Katsuki froze. What- WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

Katsuki picked up the stick looking at it as if it had made an unforgivable
offense. It soon ignited in flames from the sheer heat of a Dragonborn about to go on a rampage. Someone took his mate. Someone stol-

A flash of the night before played through his mind of his mate blasting him away with a wind spell. He took an annoyed breath as he watched the
ash fall from his hand. His mate was a mage. His mate wasn’t taken. He left. Katsuki’s glow in his body dimmed as he realized his mate effectively rejected him by leaving, but the pity party was short lived.

The Dragonborn alpha then raged, his chest igniting in a molten light
that spread down his arms, letting out a loud ear shattering growl. A call, but it wasn't for his men. No it was a direct call to his mate. A call of anger. A call of confusion. A call of possession.

Katsuki was… well what you call a very outspoken, assertive- heck who am I
kidding. He was very aggressive, very dominant, very violent. The rumors of bloodthirsty Dragonborns weren’t born out of lies. Every lie has some truth to it.

Out of everyone in the clan, Katsuki the prince of the Dragonborn was by far the most aggressive. He had a temper that
even his mother couldn’t soothe and now his mate had abandoned him. His queen. His one and only. He was pissed! Had he not shown his mate what a good alpha he could be? Was he not suitable enough?! His omega must be blind!! Katsuki pulled his pants on and buckled them up and went
off. Leaving his cape and den for when he returns with his mate.

Soon enough Katsuki found a trail, the little sneaky omega couldn’t hide everything and the trail of his potent seed that had dripped out of Izuku would lead Katsuki directly to his mate. Katsuki snarled and then
charged off. He was going to find his mate. His bare feet met the ground leaving scorched prints from his scaling skin. He wasn’t as fast as he usually would be from blasting explosions to propel himself but it wasn’t like he was in bad shape and couldn’t run fast. He was going
to find his mate. Show him how good of an alpha he is so he never leaves his side. He won’t let him. Never again. That omega is his, and his alone.

Izuku has traveled a long distance, he even surprised himself at how quickly he was moving. Soon he came upon the river he knew
would lead directly into his homeland. He was so relieved, he quickly got to work making a raft. His hands and legs and back ached from the abuse, his neck was stiff and sore. He found himself craving the warmth his mat- that Dragonborn gave him. Nonetheless, Izuku brushed it off
and continued until he finally had a small raft that was water worthy.

He took a deep breath and lifted his poncho up as he walked into the water, his belongings all sitting in the raft. Izuku jumped onto the raft after loosely cleaning himself off and then pushed away from
the shoreline. Almost immediately the current took him down river. Izuku felt so relieved. This time tomorrow. He’d be home. Safe and sound. See his mother and his step father.. and maybe… Izuku’s expression faulted for a brief moment. His beloved. He was mated by a Dragonborn…
how could his beloved want him now.

Izuku, unbeknownst to Katsuki was, well is, The Missing Prince of the Mage Kingdom. He had been taken by the Todoroki kingdom three years ago, but no one ever knew that as Izuku had simply gone missing during one of his routine plant hunts
in the forests. What he left behind? His kingdom, his throne, his people… and his betrothed. He was set to marry an Alpha he had fallen for on one of his journeys outside his country. His stepfather and Knight of Peace, not seeing an issue with his step son marrying a simple man
gave his blessing.

Sitting there on his floating raft, tears started to bubble over his cheeks. How was he going to explain this to his alpha. He’d probably be pissed and reject him. Izuku crumbles in on himself, the only thing that kept him fighting was the boisterous words
of his mate chiming though his head about how he couldn’t wait until they were properly mated and married, how excited he was for pups. That’s all Izuku dreamed of in his time of captivity and torture, but now, now it was all gone… how could he even face him. His kind smile…
those kind eyes…

“Please… please forgive me… Hanta.” Izuku sobbed into his hands. “D-don't hate me…”

Then his world rumbled and the sound hit his ears like a bomb going off, causing him to gasp, his neck ignited with heat like it was on fire. It felt like he was being
burned alive. “AH-!” He let out as he covered his neck, it was even burning to the touch. Izuku whimpered as he then tried to scoop water on his neck to cool the burning sensation. Nothing was helping him. It hurt and it even burned down his chest causing the omega to collapse
onto the raft panting, it was getting harder to breathe. The pain and exhaustion engulfing him as his raft was pulled downstream, drifting further and further away from the source of the growl and pain.

Katsuki now hot on the trail of his mate tore through the forest leaving a
wake of scorched earth showing his direct path of travel, but even in his fast pace travel and hunt, he was still on a trail that was about two and a half hours cold. Izuku had plenty of ground on him and now with him being carried down a river the distance only grew, and
unluckily for Katsuki his trail soon grew cold and he was left in the midst of the forest with no scent of him or his mate anywhere nearby.

Izuku had outsmarted him and by washing himself clean, and the wind had changed direction and was no longer picking up that scent

and bringing it toward Katsuki.

The fiery Alpha paced the woods and tried to find the path again but couldn’t. His chest getting extremely tight, and his rage reaching extreme levels, at this rate he’d start a forest fire. His rut fog was creeping back in and with no mate to
settle his wild temper… his anger and violent tendencies started to take root alongside his instincts. He could no longer focus on finding the trail and tracking down his omega. His alpha raged on inside breaking free. Katsuki with pure strength tore down trees and set them
ablaze as he went off on a rutting rampage.

This rampage only caused Izuku’s pain to worsen, his body completely collapsing in on itself with the pain as he drifted on hopelessly. He whimpered and whined and tried to make the burning pain stop. It coursed through his body, his
arms and back, his legs. Was this going to be his life now? The Dragonborn tormenting him as well- Izuku’s mind flashed back to the adoration and love in the dragonborns eyes just hours ago. Izuku was trembling with pain and his body shaking with painful cries and sobs, his body
fading, he felt like he was going to pass out and then everything ceased. His body still tingled with the sensation but the pain had stopped and the searing heat cooled.

Too busy killing everything in sight he didn’t realize that his loud growls would cause attention to be
brought to his location. Thankfully it was his men who heard his growl, they had been searching for him since he’d been flung over the cliffs edge.

A red haired Alpha came rushing toward the impending forest fire as he saw the absolute devastation of Katsuki Bakugou destroying
things left and right. “Shit…. JIROU!! KATSUKI HAS GONE OFF THE DEEP END!” The red headed Dragonborn yelled.

The one named Jirou quickly apprehended Katsuki as she pulled out her staff from behind her. She whirled it in the air and casted a spell. The smell of rut was
indefinitely permeating the air, so this situation had to be handled cautiously. “I got it! Be prepared to subdue him as soon as he falls!” The purple haired beta called as she then threw the growing cloud towards Katsuki.

Katsuki turned around mid-throw and roared at his men,
his pupils slitted so thin, showing he was lost to his alpha side. The blonde lunged toward Jirou but quickly was hit with the spell cloud and its effect was almost immediate. He fell to the ground and skidded until he reached Jirou’s feet.

Katsuki growled as he tried to fight
off the spell, even grabbing Jirou’s legs and trying to stay aggressive but his eyes were too heavy and his consciousness was fading. He soon caved in on himself, his glow dimming and soft whimpers escaping his lips. To say it shocked his men was an understatement as they all
gathered to get Katsuki under control so they could return home.

All of them were concerned, what could have happened in the 24 hours they’d lost sight of their prince? But that answer came in a matter of moments with a broken cry from the blonde alpha being tied up for his own

“Mate…” Katsuki cried. “I- I need… my” he mumbled off his head falling to the side as the spell finally took. “...queen…” the blonde muttered as he gave in to the spell.

“Kiri… d did I hear that right…?” Jirou spoke hesitantly.

Kirishima gulped.
“... I think so..”

Kirishima looked up and around. He could feel Katsuki’s pain, he could smell it now that the Alpha was asleep, he had no control of his scent. Mating was a serious thing for Dragonborns, it was sacred. He would know… if anything happened to his mate he’d-
“Ei!! Did you find hi-“ a pink skinned Dragonborn cane running but stopped.

Kirishima looked up, his eyes saddened. “We need to get him home.” He said as he picked up Katsuki.

Mina nodded. “R right… we found a camp and it looks like that’s where he was.” She started as she
moved to the side of Kirishima. “There was another scent there too.”

Jirou walked up behind them and gave a hand too, picking up Katsuki’s legs as the two in front carried him over their shoulders. “Well that confirms it then.”

“Confirms what?” Mina said as she glanced over
her shoulder.

“He mated with someone.” Kirishima spoke softly as he glanced at his mate. “And it appears he lost them too.”

“N-no…” Mina gasped. “We.. we should find his mate!” Mina said with worry intent in her voice and features.

“How?” A yellow haired Dragonborn said as
he walked with them. “He burned this entire forest.. the scent of his mate is long gone.”

The group took in the mass amount of damage and the fire starting to take root. He was right. Katsuki in his rampage had effectively cut the trail of Izuku’s scent. No one could track him
now and although it was definitely not a blessing to Katsuki, it was for Izuku. The Todoroki Kingdom has already sent out a team to try and locate him and bring him back, but now, that was impossible.

🔥 A Burning Flame 🔥


Beginning of the thread
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Meanwhile, Izuku was well on his way home, having made it into his kingdom's borders, the small weak omega was so relieved when he saw the palace off in the distance. He was also scared. Scared that he’d be cast out because of what happened just a day ago. It was like a distant
fever dream of passion that played in his head over and over. What was everyone going to think of him…? Just let himself get mated?? Even though he had a mate he was promised to?? The prince? Was he even worthy of that title anymore? Yes during his time in the Todoroki Kingdom
he was used for sex but he was never mated by anyone of the alphas that came to his chamber, royals or officials no matter how many times they threatened and belittled him to do so, but this mark on his neck. It marked that someone had tainted him. Someone had claimed him. It
made it all too real for him to handle. This was the only thought consuming his every waking moment as he walked toward his goal.

Soon the sun was setting once again and Izuku could see the lights of the town ahead of him through the trees. He sighed and decided to sit down for
the night and rest, his bones aching with every movement to the grassy floor, and his makeshift poncho scratching the burn that raked across his neck, down his chest, even wrapping and snaking their way around his arms and across his back slightly. The omega sighed and looked
toward the town lights. He was so close but he didn’t want to walk through the outskirts at night. He knew how dangerous the slums were and for a weak looking omega, prince or not, he wasn’t going to take the risk.

Izuku wasn’t exactly born into royalty, rather it was actually
his own doing in fact. Being a weak omegan mage on the outskirts of his kingdom growing up was hard, but he always wanted to be like the great Knight of Peace! A skilled mage and swordsman alike who held the power of at least 8 men! It was insane seeing his work in action and
one day Izuku actually caught his attention, when the young frightened mage stood toe to toe with a barbarian Alpha that easily dwarfed the small male omega, who was trying to abuse a pregnant omega. This led to months of private training no one knew about but eventually ended up
with the knight All Might meeting his mother who was an abandoned housewife, and the rest was history. Izuku became the crowned prince of the Mage Kingdom just like that, since All Might had no children of his own to claim it.

Morning came quickly to Izuku’s relief as he saw
the sun begin to illuminate the forest around him. He pushed himself up, gasping at the sharp pains that blossomed across his chest and neck as the poncho shifted pulling away from the peeling burn. He steadied himself on his walking stick and started toward the main town, his
joints cracking as he hobbled along.

As he walked through the bustling town people started to take notice and part the street to get out of the way. At first it was the absolute intimating smell of campfire, smoke, and molasses that wafted off the small frail looking omega but
soon murmurs and whispers of recognition filled the air.

“It can’t be-“

“Is that the prince?”

“Wait the prince?”

“I thought he was dead?”

That didn’t help Izuku feel better. He ignored the people’s chatter as he continued to walk deeper into the city and soon reached
the inner circle where the palace was located, to which he knew would have royal guards stationed at and to his absolute joy, one of his friends was valiantly guarding the door.

“YOU THERE! What business do you have in the Royal square! I’ll need to see your papers!” A blue
haired alpha protested as he talked with a citizen.

“I’m just bringing in the crops from the farmland Sir Iida, here’s the papers.” The simple farmer said as he handed papers to Iida.

The alpha took the papers and looked them over and handed them back to the farmer.
“Very well! You may proceed.” He said as he stepped aside allowing the farmer through with his carriage and horse full of produce.

Iida watched the farmer go through and turned back forward immediately catching sight of the messy frail omega clinging to a walking stick. His
eyes expanded immensely as he hesitantly took a few steps forward. Not believing his eyes.

“M- mido- Prince Izuku.”

Relief flooded the omega’s body, his body giving way to the ground in a heap, trembling uncontrollably. He made it. He made it home.

“Ah! Izuku!” Iida rushed
to the omega’s side carefully picking him up but soon found it to be extremely easy because of how light Izuku was, which only struck more worry into the Alpha’s core. “I’m so glad you're alive!” Iida said as he quickly walked toward the royal square, he shut the gate he was
stationed at down and locked it.

“Don’t worry! I’ve got you! You are safe now!” Iida said as he then started sprinting straight to the palace.

Many officials and guards caught the sight of Iida rushing across the courtyard and up the palace stairs, causing quite the stir and
crowd to form at the sudden urgency. Izuku just crumbled into Iida's arms, he was home. Izuku just cried silently and buried his face into Iida’s chest.

Iida had a million questions to ask, he was worried, how could he not be? When he last saw Izuku three years ago he was
pretty built and fleshed out, very healthy looking and now? A meak shadow of what he used to be, ashened skin covered in bruises and cuts, his limbs skinny and emaciated and the burnt red flesh across his skin accompanied by a very possessive scent. What in the world happened to
his dear friend?

Soon he reached the front gates. “OPEN THE GATES! I need a medical mage THIS INSTANT!” Iida yelled, concern, and even panic clear in the usually level headed Alpha.

“It’s the prince! Prince Izuku has returned!” Iida announced, and as soon as the words hit the
ears around him everyone ran into action. Word spread like wildfire, to the maids, the stable boys and eventually the royal speaker.

Present Mic soon hearing the news let out a loud response creating vibrations throughout the kingdom. He then went running, bumping into
countless officials and mages, not caring about the mess he surely left behind. “OUT OF THE WAY!! Make room!” The blonde yelled as he then barged into the throne room where All Might and Inko sat on their thrones who were listening to the common people and their ailments.
Everyone looked up at the out of breath blonde as he caught his breath at the door.

“Mic, what’s the meaning of this? Is everything alright?” All Might called across the throne room.

Mic whipped his head up, eyes full of hope and happiness. “The Prince-“ he heaved. “He’s returned!”

Inko shot up from her chair, tears instantly falling from her cheeks. “My baby!” She then went running. “Bring me to him!”

All Might rose shortly after and apologized to the
citizens for the disturbance and granted them with what they needed. “I’ll take my leave now.” All Might said as he too rushed out.

With the royal party in tow Present Mic ran to the main entrance assuming that's where he’d be but they actually met a frantic Iida bolting up the
main stairs with Mage Uraraka in tow. The glimpse that they got was absolutely heart wrenching. Izuku looked like hell and he was so frail and skinny. It gave All Might such a shock he poofed into his skinny form. He looked so weak- what in the world happened to his son!
“Izuku!” Inko called as she then ran up the stairs following the knight.

Izuku lifted his head from Iida’s chest and opened his eyes. “M-mom…” he whispered as he was carried off.

“Your mother is right behind us!” Iida confirmed.

“Don’t worry Izuku! She’ll be right behind
us! I gotta get some healing done on you! You look horrible!” Uraraka said as she flew alongside on her staff to keep up with Iida.

“Uraraka! That’s not something you say to the Prince!” Iida corrected as he ran.

“He’s our friend too! I gotta be truthful!” The brown haired
omega chuckled as she sped ahead and opened the chamber doors to the infirmary. “Come on” she then rushed in after Iida.

Quickly following was Inko, All Might and Present Mic. Iida laid Izuku down on the bed they had in there and that’s when everyone saw the horrible state
Izuku was in. His hair long and matted in curls, his nose clearly broken and bruises along his arms and legs, cuts small and large across his feet and a burn that was peaking out of his makeshift poncho that spread like lightning down his arms and then all eyes landed on the
fresh bite mark over Izuku’s scent gland. They all were horrified, who could have done this?!

“What in the…” All Might spoke in shock as he took in the view of his son. “How did this happen..?”

Inko rushed to her baby’s side and immediately grabbed his hand. “Oh! Izuku! My
baby! What happened to you!” She cried as she brought his hand to her face.

Izuku sunk into the bed immediately closing his eyes as he exhaled, he hadn’t been in something this soft in years. He looked to his mother and tears instantly formed in his eyes.
“M-mom- I- I’m so sorry!” He cried.

Inko quickly curled around her son getting on the bed with him. “Ssssshhh it’s okay… how did you end up like this?” She asked him as she cuddled him close and gently patted his head.

Izuku gripped onto his mother tighter as he trembled.
“T- The Todoroki kingdom-“ Izuku sobbed. “They took me-“ Izuku trembled in his mother’s embrace.

All Might upon hearing those words filled with pure rage. The Todoroki family was here just a week ago with talks of a trade route. They came here to HIS kingdom for a lucrative
deal when they had HIS son held captive. They knew how torn up they were about the loss of Izuku… how much the kingdom missed its prince! How much he missed his son’s smile.. how much it killed him to see his beautiful wife sob and pray for her son to come home, for him to be
safe… “Prepare the generals.” All Might said aloud. “I want every bit of information you can get and I want it now. Tell the generals this is a war meeting.” The blonde Prime said as he looked to Present mic.

“I’ll gather them immediately.” Present Mic promptly left the room
after that.

Uraraka soon came buzzing into the room, and array potions and herbs in hand, along with bandages and her mortar and pestle. “Um, My Queen, May I?” She asked as she tilted her head to the side.

Inko had effectively hugged her son into her body making it hard to
treat his injuries. “Oh- uh- yes-“ Inko loosened her grip on Izuku to which Izuku gripped tighter.

“N-no- please don’t go.” Izuku crumbled.

“I won’t leave you… I’ll stay right here at your bedside.” Inko said with a calm soothing voice as she caressed her son's face,
letting out her calming maternal pheromones.

Izuku looked up at his mom, eyes wide and full of worry, but then he looked down and let go. Inko laid her son back down and held his hand. All Might brought a stool over and offered it to Inko who gladly sat down.

Over the next
few hours Uraraka healed Izuku’s bruises and scratches, she set his broken nose and although she tried to heal the bite marks, they refused to heal even with her strongest healing magic. As for the burns she could heal most of it but scars would likely form regardless as the burn
was more severe in some places. After all was healed to the best of her abilities they wheeled Izuku up to his chambers where the maids had been working furiously to clean and remake so the Prince could rest in comfort. There an array of food was waiting for Izuku, and the first
plate that caught his attention was his favored meal. Katsudon.

His eyes sparkled as he dove into the bowl coos and purrs erupted from his body as he quickly devoured the bowl. Nostalgic flavors of his life before, flooding his taste buds as he unknowingly tears up. He finished
it in record time to which everyone found distressing but also relieved he could eat.

“C- can I have more?” Izuku asked as he turned to his mother with the empty bowl, and tears on his eyes.

Inko chuckled somberly. “Of course you can, but first let’s get you cleaned up.” She
said as she helped Izuku up from the chair he was sitting in. “I’ll draw a fresh bath and help you.” She cooed as she coddled Izuku into the bathroom chamber, carefully holding him as thought he might break if he were to fall.

All Might stood there in the room with Iida and
Uraraka. The air was thick and dense. Not even a sword could cut through the heavy weight that laid upon them. The anger they all felt. “I hope you two are prepared.” All Might spoke looking down at the two.

“I’ll always be ready sir.” Iida replied.

“Those Damn Todoroki’s!”
Uraraka huffed.

“No… Endeavor and his eldest son. Those two… those two are the problem.” All Might spitted.. “Sir Iida I want you to be Izuku’s personal guard from now on and Uraraka I want you to be his aid and help him. If that isn’t too much to ask.”

“Absolutely not!”
Both said in unison. “You can count on us!”

“You have my thanks kids.” All Might smiled and then left heading directly to the meeting room to speak with his generals. The Todoroki kingdom kidnapped his son, tortured him and had the gall to act like nothing was going on, like
they didn’t have his son! This meant war. All Might was never an advocate for violence, and he kept his kingdom neutral during the war outbreaks despite his son going missing but the Todoroki Kingdom was growing too fast and was becoming too violent to ignore anymore.

It was time to end this. Once and for all.

Once in the bath, Izuku melted into the warmth every achy muscle relaxed. Inko quickly got to work in scrubbing her son's hair and even trimming away the matted knots. She didn’t speak as to not disturb her son, he looked so relaxed and
so at peace, and she was just happy he made it home. That he wasn’t dead. She continued to brush and wash his hair so much grime and dirty washing out and all the knots were a headache but soon there he was with his short curls like he used to have. She helped her son scrub his
back and as she brought the wash clothes to his neck she paused.

“Honey…” Inko started.

Izuku tensed up. “I’m sorry mom.”


“I couldn’t fight that alpha off.” Izuku said as he turned to his mother. “I- I tried-“

“Was it one of those damn-“

“N-no- they never
mated me- I-“

Inko gasped and her face paled. “No…” her face then puffed red. How could they do that to her baby?!

Izuku lowered his head and tears formed.

“T- Then who did that to you sweetheart...?” Inko asked as she gently patted the angry mating mark carefully.
“An Alpha in a rut craze.” Izuku said as he glanced up at his mom. “I don’t know his name or anything, it happened on my way back here.”

Izuku was scared to mention the Dragonborn part, the rumors about Dragonborns were dangerous, no one talked about them, although the Mage
Kingdom had no problems with them and didn’t discriminate if one happened to walk into the city, but they still were something everyone was wary about. Izuku didn’t want to bring that problem into his life… not yet. He knew he couldn’t avoid it forever, but he didn’t want to
think about it anymore. He just wanted to be content in the moment that he made it home.

Inko was silent as she cleaned her son's skin delicately, her eyes tracing over all the scars he had collected during his time of captivity.

“Do.. do you think he’ll hate me mom?” Izuku
whispered weakly.

Inko flinched at the question. She then sighed and gave a small smile. “I don’t know sweetheart… but he definitely has missed you these years.” Inko started as she dropped the cloth against the bathtubs edge.
“He doesn’t come by the palace very often anymore.” Inko said as she stood up to get a towel for her son.

Izuku’s face dropped. He didn’t come to the palace anymore… Hanta.. his Alpha.. didn’t stay.

“After a year he moved back to his homeland, he visited every few months and
went on searches for you but… we all kind of... lost hope.” Inko said as she turned to her son, tears in her eyes.

Izuku’s lips began to tremble as tears welled up in his eyes. His whole life was shattering before his eyes. His alpha abandoned him because he thought he was
dead, the only source of hope he had thought he died and moved on.

“Sweetie!” Inko rushed and hugged her son. “Shhh shhh we can send for him!” She cooed.

Izuku continued to cry into his mother's arms and simply nodded. “P-please-“

There the two sat for another five minutes
while Izuku cried and cried, he was so stressed and now heartbroken and ridden with guilt, even though the situation was out of his hands the moment he was kidnapped, he still felt it was all his fault. If he hadn’t been so stingy and just used the dried herb he had instead of
going to get the fresh version. If only he brought someone with him. If only he could have fought off his attackers. If only he was strong enough to break free sooner, to have been able to fight back. Regrets filled the green haired omega’s mind as he held onto his mother.
Eventually Inko got her son up and out of the bath and with the help of Uraraka got him dressed and in bed. So tired from exhaustion, both emotional and physical, Izuku passed out as soon as he hit those velvet sheets and fuzzy warm blankets. Inko never left her son’s side
sitting in a chair beside the bed as she leaned over the bed’s edge watching him sleep, in fear that if she looked away for too long, that he would be gone. After a while she curled up next to her son and cradled him in her arms crying of bittersweet joy until she fell asleep.
🔥A Burning Flame 🔥

Beginning of the thread:
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While the return to his kingdom was a relief for Izuku, it was a different story for Katsuki. The whole party was tense as they saw their gates in the distance, it had been a long trip back to their clan, or at least it felt like it. The constant howling and scent of pain from
their leader in a dazed rut, he wanted his mate and his pack mates could do nothing to soothe the pain. They had sent a hawk ahead to warn them they could not reach theTodoroki palace and that Katsuki was in need of a rut chamber upon their arrival.

The gates opened with a
groan and the flank of chains, high wooden stakes fitted with metal braces and nails opened as they scraped a layer of earth with them. The party marched on and as soon as they passed through the gates Mitsuki, leader of the clan, marched directly up to Kirishima who was leading
the convoy instead of Katsuki.

“What do you mean he needs a goddamn rut chamber?! That brat had his rut last month!” Mitsuki hollered. “What the fuck happened?!” She yelled explosively as his chest rumbled with light.

“I’m sorry- there was an explosion and we all got
separated.” Kirishima explained. “During this he must’ve gotten hit with a rut inducer in an assassination attempt.” Kirishima said looking down his whole body language submissive.

The Bakugou’s were a family of primes, and they were voted into power by the clans. Strong and
fiercely protective of their own, with a violent way of doing things, they set the tone and people gladly followed.

Mitsuki exhaled smoke as the inferno grew inside her chest. “Take him to his rut chamber… I had it prepared.” She said as she stepped aside. “I’m glad you all
made it back safe… I wasn’t aware they had that type of drug made so effectively.” She said as she crossed her arms feeling guilty she sent her son and his pack into the fray like that.

“Ah- yes! It’s alright chief.” Kirishima bowed. “I’ll get him now.” The red hair said as
he then turned around and went to grab Katsuki, but the others in the convoy were already on that. Denki, Shinsou, and Mina had a grip on the heavy drugged alpha, Jirou walked alongside casting a spell to keep Katsuki subdued, but that didn’t stop Katsuki’s mouth.

The blonde
prime alpha was a whimpering mess, completely dazed and out of it, his scent wafting off of him was full of despair and pain, of yearning and desperation. “My queen…” “I need him.” “Mate..” Katsuki kept mumbling over and over as they walked past Mitsuki.

Mitsuki stiffened and
then looked directly at Kirishima. “... mate?” She asked with an angered expression. “He mated?”

Kirishima bowed his head. “We found him in a rampage, and there was a camp with his and another person's scent.” Kirishima looked up.

“And you didn’t bring back his mate?” Mitsuki
asked her expression faltering to a more concerned one.

“No. We couldn’t find them, but Katsuki is fi-“

“I’m not worried about Katsuki.” Mitsuki huffed. “He’s a big boy and can handle the separation. It won’t kill him.” She huffed annoyed. “I just hope his rampage didn’t hurt
the poor thing too much….” she mumbled off thinking.

Mitsuki took a deep breath and pinched her nose, clearly annoyed. “Leave it to Katsuki to mess up my plans…” she then turned on her heels. “I’ll have to tell all the officials Katsuki won’t mate one of their omegas now… ”
she sighed as she marched through the gates.

Kirishima stood there and sighed looking up to where Katsuki had been carried off too and set off in the direction to meet up with his mate.

Katsuki before he left was told by his mother when he returned she would set him up with a
few different omegas to see if he wanted to mate with any of them. As the only heir to the clan and the fact he was turning 23 soon, he needed to find a mate so he could take over the clan and produce an heir, his clock was ticking. His mother had a few but really only like one
in particular, Camie, the daughter of a lord in a neighboring clan and If they mated it would bring their clans together to create a stronger union. That was thrown out the window now though, with Katsuki mating an outsider.

It wasn’t for another three days until Katsuki’s rut
finally broke. His whole body was heavy and everything ached. It was also hot… too hot… he lifted himself off the ground of the chamber he was in and that’s when Katsuki came to the realization he must’ve been brought home. The smell was all too familiar, this was his rut room
at his home. Looking around his whole room smelt of pain, and all of his bedding and fur pelts were ripped to shreds. The blonde Alpha stood up and walked to the door and knocked on it. “Oi! Let me out!” He snapped.

Katsuki stood there and rubbed his neck looking down. His
whole body felt like it was missing something… he vaguely remembered the color green as he stared at his hand. As soon as the door clicked open and a gust of fresh air cooled the heated room, Katsuki shivered and clenched his fist. He stayed still for a moment looking down as
the memory hit him. He did mate someone. He had a mate, but they weren’t here.

“Kats?” A pink haired omega called as she peered up at Katsuki.

Katsuki looked up at Mina and straightened his posture. “S’fine..” he huffed.

The two stood in silence as Katsuki tied a robe
around his waist. In their culture it wasn’t weird to see anyone naked especially pack mates. It was a norm so Mina being a pack mate paid no mind to the Alpha dressing in front of her but remained quiet because she didn’t know how to proceed.

Mina at last broke the silence and
sighed. “We tried to find them.” She spoke quietly to which Katsuki’s head whipped up at her with full attention.

“But you kinda burned down the forest though....” Mina said as she put her hand in her hip and tilted her head to the side with attitude. “I get you were in a rut
but you basically made it impossible for us to find them. You should get yourself under control.” Mina huffed. “Plus your mate probably went through a lot because of your rampage.” She sighed. “Poor thing..” she mumbled.

“Tch… what the fuck are you talking about… you know
Alphas on a rampage lose it-“ Katsuki huffed and turned away from Mina. He knows he needs to control his temper, he heard that every damn day from his mom.

“Tch… typical alpha dunce!” Mina scoffed as she crossed his arms.

“HAH!?!” Katsuki snarled as he stepped toward her.
“You wanna repeat that?”

“Typical. Alpha. Dunce.” She said accentuating every word. “You can’t be that dense to not know what your rampage did to your mate?” Mina said as she put her hands in her hips.

Katsuki growl died in his throat as Mina spoke and his shoulders dropped. “W-what are you talking about..?” He asked, confused.

Mina rolled her eyes. “The first bond day is the best when spent together and filled with love but with anger…” she trailed off. “It’s not-“
“You burned him. No need to explain it with a bunch of words dear.” Mitsuki huffed from behind Katsuki which made the blonde jump not even realizing his mother had snuck up behind him.

“Ah- your majesty-“ Mina gasped.

“What do you mean I burned him?” Katsuki said as his brows
furrowed with worry but also anger.

“Be careful with your temper now Katsuki… you are a Dragonborn. Your mate is not.” Mitsuki said as she crossed her arms.

“Ahh that too… it makes it even worse that way…” Mina sighed, to which Mitsuki nodded.
“Poor thing..” Mitsuki mumbled as she rested her cheek in her hand.

Katsuki looked back and forth between his mother and Mina. “You fuckers wanna spell this shit out for me! I just came off a fucking rut without my FUCKING mate okay… what did I do to him?” Katsuki asked, his
voice morphing more to concern.

“To put it bluntly, your emotions were sent directly through that omega.” Mitsuki said as she poked her son in his chest. “And since you’re a Dragonborn your heat went as well. You. Burned. Him.” Mitsuki said, looking directly at her son.
“You need to control your temper, I always told you that for this specific reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if the boy collapsed or even passed out. He didn’t die cuz you’re still standing but that could’ve happened too.” Mitsuki huffed.

Katsuki’s whole body changed. He didn’t
know his anger did that… immediately he was guilt ridden. He hurt his mate.. burned him… he was so weak to begin with being that skinny and injured. That burning pain could have incapacitated him- Katsuki’s brows knitted tight as he folded in on himself.

In the first week of
a normal bond nothing would happen to the pair though the bond marks, but like in most everything Dragonborns were different. Since they mated for life their venom pulses through each other once mated and is very receptive as time goes on, but in the first days of the bond it’s
extremely unstable and can’t be blocked out, every emotion is felt, even every thought is felt, especially when they link to each other in communication. Usually it’s all warmth and happiness that enforces the bond in the nest, but in Katsuki’s case… he created a very painful
experience for his mate with his pure rage and anger.

To be fair, Izuku did abandon Katsuki while in the middle of a rut but no matter how Katsuki went about it in his head… he was the one in the wrong here. His mate did nothing but leave.

Was it a horrible offense?
Thinking on it… no it wasn’t. They didn’t know each other.. and Katsuki forced himself onto the weak omega, mating him without a choice, without a proper courting. He was a shit alpha… how could he do that to his mate..? Katsuki began to outwardly sulk as his mind swamped with
all his wrong doings, and it also didn’t help that his alpha side continued to howl and remind him that he’s missing a piece of himself. A piece that didn’t want him, his mind reminded to his instincts dismay.

Mitsuki sighed and uncrossed her arms. “Mina dear, I got him, go
run along now.” She said as she pulled her son by his arm.

Mina looked at Katsuki and then Mitsuki. “Alright.. I’ll see ya later at dinner then.” The pink omega chirped and then walked off.

“What’s done is done Katsuki.” She spoke evenly. “You can’t beat yourself up for it.
He’s probably fine judging by how you are.” Mitsuki said as she turned to the side.

“Let’s go plan a trip.” Mitsuki said as she looked at her son who had his head down.

Katsuki lifted his eyes to meet his mother’s. “A trip?”

“Yeah to find that mate of yours. Since you
seemed to pick him over all of my choices for you... I wanna meet him!” She hummed. “Plus you gotta court him properly!” She said as she then started walking.

“Come on! Let’s go! Go get changed and I’ll be waiting for you in the main hall.” Mitsuki huffed as she walked on.
Katsuki sighed and followed suit at some point branching off to go to his chambers to change into more suitable clothing. The blond alpha stormed through the hallways, his mind slowly bringing back the foggy memories of his encounter that was now about a week old.
Freckled bruised skin.. scrapes and cuts.. deep viridian eyes against a flushed face. Long tangled green hair. Small gasps and loud wails. His whole body tingled as he remembered the sensations and then the yearning. The urge to want to wrap himself up in the faint scent he
barely remembered. The memory of it that intense joy from the smell alone he remembered, how alluring it was. He missed it.

The first thing to meet his gaze was the red of his cape, it had remained unwashed and untouched. Katsuki quickly pulled his cape from the bag and brought
the fur up to his nose, the smell of their sex and their scents combined ignited his lungs, Katsuki collapsed there against the bed his face buried into the warm sweet and spicy scent that drove him crazy, and soothes his alpha. The sweet scent of fresh berries accompanied by a
warmth of spices, notes of apple wood and fresh meadow air, swirling in his lungs accompanied by his own smokey musk of campfire and molasses. Together it ignited his lungs in the most homely scent he could even imagine, it reminded him of the feasts and harvest that had in the
dead of winter when they couldn’t leave their clan lands, all bundled up safe and warm. The scent brought back memories of his childhood wrapped in fur by the fire near his parents.

The Dragonborn eventually lifted his head from his cape and set it aside, his eyes half lidded
and dazed. He was even purring as he groggily went back for the bag, at the bottom of the bag was a note.

“You had a pelt too bro, but it was starting to smell rotten so we threw it out… sorry - Ei”

Katsuki growled and ignited the piece of parchment in a fit of rage. How
dare they throw out something that had his mates scent on it?! But deep down he was grateful… if not Katsuki probably would have held onto the rotting pelt if still smelt even the slightest bit like his mate. Katsuki pouted at the loss as his eyes trickled back over to his red
cape that was drenched in the scent of his home. His mate. He picked up the fabric and nuzzled it to his face, his chest yet again rumbling with purrs as his body relaxed.

After a few more minutes of rubbing the scent of his mate all over him he quickly threw his cape on, his
tense shoulder relaxing as the warm spicy sweet scent of his mate engulfing his lungs with every breath he took. Katuski then stormed out of his room walking proudly, puffed chest and head held high as he made his way through the corridors.

He would proudly wear the cape smelling of his mate and their sex. Not caring if it made some people turn up their nose. This was his mate. Their future queen. He wouldn’t bat an eye at anyone’s reaction.

Soon Katsuki came to find his mother in the main hall with a hawk on her
arm as she read a scroll intensely. Mitsuki sniffed the arm and then turned to her son. “Are you really going to walk around smelling like sex?” She grumbled her brows knitted tightly together.

“Tch! It’s my mate’s scent! I’ll wear what I want!” Katsuki growled back as he
looked down at his mother.

“Tch…” she scoffed. “Whatever.. don’t be upset when the cape doesn’t smell like him anymore and it smells like you again.” She grumbled as she went back to reading the scroll.

Katsuki grumbled to himself. He wasn’t gonna admit it but his mother was
right… eventually it wouldn’t smell like him.. and wearing it would make that process quicker.. but he needed this right now. He felt so relaxed with his mate’s scent around him, he wouldn’t even consider taking his cape off. He then sighed and took a few steps toward his
mother. “What’s the scroll for?” Katsuki asked.

“It’s from the Mage Kingdom.Yuuei.” Mitsuki mumbled as she kept reading. “It seems our goals align.” She said looking up to her son a small smirk tugging at her lips. “All Might, The Knight of Peace and King of the Mage Kingdom
seeks to declare war on the Todoroki Kingdom and seeks an alliance with our clans since we are currently at war with the Todoroki’s.” She says handing the scroll to her son. “They want to join in.”

“The Mage Kingdom Huh…?” Katsuki mumbled as he looked over the scroll.
His mate was a mage.. maybe he lives in the kingdom, an alliance would bring a bond between the kingdoms and make his mate feel more welcome to the idea of a life with him as well as make it easier to find him too. Katsuki smirked. “You’re gonna agree to it right?” Katsuki asked.
“Ohoho… you seem eager.” Mitsuki chuckled as she grabbed the scroll from her son. “I’m going to talk it over with the other officials-“

“But we are the head of the clans, we can decide-“

“Katsuki, just because we are a family of primes and have a lot of power over the other
clans doesn’t mean we can force our choices upon them.. it needs to go to a vote.” She explained as she put her hands on her hips. “You wanna tell me why you are so eager for this? You never seem to be excited over political matters..?” She asked as she crossed her arms.
Katsuki let out a low annoyed grumble and rolled his eyes. “He’s a mage..” he mumbled, looking away.

Mitsuki raised her brow.

“My mate..” Katsuki gruffed as he rubbed the side of his neck. “Tch! Let’s just go vote on it already!” Katsuki bursted as he then moved past his
mother toward the meeting rooms.

Mitsuki simply chuckled and then walked behind her son. “Well that will make the alliance more worth it then..” she laughed as she followed her son down the corridors. “That is… if he is a part of that kingdom… You do know he could simply be
gifted with magic abilities and not be a part of the kingdom?” Mitsuki pushed, playing devil's advocate.

Katsuki stopped in his tracks and glared at his mother. He didn’t even think of that being a possibility. His mate not being a part of that kingdom.. that meant it would be
harder to find him… frustration bubbles up in his chest and he snapped. “Whatever! We need help with this war anyway…” Katsuki grumbled as he looked at his mother.

Which was true, going by their last attempt they needed help from the Mage Kingdom, with them they could make a
compound on the border and have a base of operations, making it easier to gain ground on the Todoroki Kingdom. They would be less likely to be attacked by bounty hunters due to the huge amount of defense they’d have from the Mage Kingdom with barriers and long distance attackers.
This alliance was a great move forward in the war and for the future, and frankly it may be the only way to win.

The Dragonborn mother laughed as she shook her head and continued walking. “Come one kats… we’ll get this alliance approved.” She said as she marched on.
“And we’ll find him..”

Katsuki grumbled and tilted his head down into the fur of his cape and took a deep breath closing his eyes. ‘I’ll find you..’ Katsuki thought to himself and then continued on with relaxed shoulders. The scent of his mate did wonders to his temper,
immediately soothing the raging inferno that was always at a constant roar. Now it all felt like a glass lake calm and serene. Katsuki loved this inner peace and he didn’t want to let it go.
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