I’m a liberal who communicates like a conservative and I need a way to use my mutant superpower.
It’s a generalization but I find liberals often aiming for the mind, which is fine, but my inclination is always a direct grab for the heart. I’m biased but I think we need to do that more. And this is aside from any election, and maybe even more so if Democrats win this year.
It’s like all those years I had to watch Fox I soaked up their “appeal to the id” radiation and now I’m like the Hulk. But for liberal things.
“In 2004, Oliver Willis was exposed to an overdose of right wing media...”

I’m not even arguing the brain appeal is bad, it’s just not for me. And I think we need more of the kind of thing I’m into.
I’m just thinking out loud here but it’s like when people say “we should talk more about [subject]” and they think that meta-comment counts as commentary on the subject. It’s so odd to me.
It’s like saying “we should discuss more about the impact of fossil fuels” vs “fossil fuels are running out and fuck up the planet. Let’s stop using them.”
We need more liberal noisemaking capacity. It’s important and good to fight the right. But we should use their playbook to put them on defense. Get Soros to cut me one of those checks.
Getting a really crazy idea, for me at least. Gotta mull it over.
My head is buzzing on this now but I have to let thoughts marinate and not do anything brash
I have several millionaires and at least one billionaire that follow me on here and this would be simple if they just cut me a check (which would be small for them lol)
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