I just read the Michael Jackson Estate's FAQ response to fans on why there hasn't been so much output. I have thoughts....
Now, I get it. The Estate has done a lot since MJ died in terms of "output." Live shows, cirque de soliel, the On The Wall art exhibit in Europe. Ok, fine.
The best of the bunch has been the Visions short films collection, BAD25 Box Set & Spike's BAD25 & Off The Wall documentaries.
But COME ON! The Cirque De Soleil shows, Broadway Musical, the Scream Halloween cartoon? MJ fans didn't ASK for any of this. The estate is clearly trying to pander to the general public instead of pleasing Mike's core fanbase.
This is particularly evident when it mentioned how "Leaving Neverland" had a negative impact on companies willing to license MJ's name after that doc dropped. STILL, the estate has made $2 Billion (w a/ B) since MJ's been gone. Can they not afford to distribute on their own?
Now, they said that things have cooled down now that folks have seen the cracks in James & Wade's stories, but to blame COVID-19 as well? That don't fly with me.
Projects like BAD25 are usually a year in the making. It's clear that they had nothing significant planned for 2019 or 2020. That's BS to me.
They knew the following album anniversaries were coming:

Destiny (40, 2018)
Off The Wall (40, 2019)
Victory (35, 2019)
Triumph (40, 2020)
HIStory (25, 2020)

Nothing. NOTHING.
Now, Thriller's 40th in coming in two years. They better get their shit together for that one.
Hell, I can help them if they need it. Watch.

Thriller 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe:
- Remastered album
- Remastered OG Test Pressing Version (w/ longer songs)
- Remastered Outtakes (i.e. Hot Street)
- Demos (i.e. Starlight)
- Making of Thriller Video DVD
- Vault surprises
Next year is 30th anniversary of Dangerous.

Dangerous Deluxe:
- Remastered album
- Remastered outtakes (i.e. Joy, To Satisfy You)
- Demos; A Capella versions
- Full single remixes (i.e. Remember The Time, Jam, In The Closet)
- Bucharest Concert/1993 Super Bowl Performance DVD
You know what? A DVD box set of Mike's longer film projects would work!

- Making Of Thriller (4k version)
- Moonwalker (w/ special features & making of)
- Captain EO (w/ making of special; 360 googles version)
Destiny Box Set
- Remastered album
- Demos
- Remixes (old and new; Groovenfunkel, SWG, Nick*)
- Outtakes
- Live CDs of all 3 legs of Destiny tour
- DVDs of legs 2 & 3
Even Victory. It's a sort of a checkered era of The Jacksons' story, but still.

Victory Deluxe:
- Remastered Version
- New Liner Notes with all the 6 member photos
- 12 inch edits
- Demos
- Outtakes
- Alternative Takes (i.e. State of Shock w/ Freddie)
- DVD of full Victory show
Don't even get me started on Triumph!

Triumph Deluxe:
- Remastered album
- Outtakes
- Demos
- Remixes
- Jacksons Live LP remastered
- DVD of Triumph Show
- "Before He Was King" photos in liner notes
- Alternative takes (i.e. "Wondering Who" in OG tempo w/ missing MJ bridge)
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