watching jatp with my 6 year old brother: a thread
"are we gonna watch ghost brothers?" (thats his name for jatp)
me: who's your favorite
him: [points at alex]

good taste 😌
i had to explain what a vegetarian was 😭😭
me: thats a bobcat
him: battle cats 😌
hes comparing the characters to pokemon
"lets go to the ghost scene" julie anti 🙄
"are they going to jump out and say boo?"
"911? is that ghostbusters?"
hes made me rewatch luke going "my couch!" 5 times
tia: my sister would kill me
him: like... with a sword?
he told me reggie looks like a minecraft villager 😐
he rewinds every alex like 5 times pls
julie: [pulls away the picture]

him: haha! penguins!
he keeps walking aroind mocking alex's "uHHHH" im 😭😭
and he told me he wants to watch miraculous ladybug so end of thread ig
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