Box v. Planned Parenthood:

Barrett joined dissenters who favored an Indiana law that would have required doctors to notify the parents of a minor seeking an abortion. Unlike parental notification laws in other states, Indiana's didn't include a judicial bypass provision. (2/5)
Indiana Dept of Health v. Planned Parenthood:

Barrett favored a rehearing of 2 state laws: 1 that regulated the fetal remains from abortion procedures and another that would have banned abortions due to sex, race or disability, including life-threatening conditions. (3/5)
The fate of Roe v Wade is in jeopardy. With 17 abortion cases a step away from SCOTUS, it's likely the new court will look at abortion rights soon. (4/5)
Reversing Roe doesn't outlaw abortion. It leaves it to the states. That means a patient's ability to access abortion would be determined by where they live, and if they have the resources to travel to get one. (5/5)
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