why heterophobia doesn’t exist, a thread by a straight person with a brain
1. you cant oppress the oppressor
2. things like homophobia were MADE by straight people. u cant just pull an uno reverse card when it backfires, especially since pretty much everyone who thinks heterophobia is real, is homophobic or just ignorant
3. straight people are not discriminated against, there is no religion or countries who invalidate our entire existence, and decline/treat us differently for being straight
5. if you are being made fun of for being straight, that is not heterophobia. theyre just mocking you and you probably said something for them to mock u.
as a straight person i have never been mocked or judged for my sexuality bc i mind my business
so in conclusion, heterophobia doesnt exist. stop trying to be oppressed when we arent, and finally, gay rights
end of thread thank you
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