Trump wants to designate both the KKK and Antifa as terrorist groups, but a few things with that:

1 - I didn't make this cartoon, and it has some misspellings, but it does a decent job of illustrating how Antifa is NOT a hate group or terrorists.
2 - Antifa technically isn't even a group. It's not an organization, and it's not terrorists.

As the name indicates, they're ANTI-FASCISTS.

Trumpism, like sending armed groups to violently suppress peaceful protesters, is fascism. Fascism is anti-American and must be opposed.
3 - The KKK IS a terrorist organization, and they pretty much always have been, but they're not the only white supremacist organization, and others may even be more fittingly described as terrorists.

4 - There is nothing comparable philosophically between the KKK and Antifa.
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