Essentially the entire Western World is on the verge of becoming the Fourth Reich.

By many metrics, the case can be argued that it already has.
(1) Whether or not you could or would believe this, please at least hear me out as to why it is the duty of every one of us to ensure that it could never be so.

In the Western World its only likely that the Fourth Reich could rise not unlike how the United States could ever fall
(2) As it goes "America will be destroyed from the inside", in the modern "global village" world, I argue 'the Fourth Reich will rise under the auspices of do-goodery'.

Here in the post-Nuclear Age, the United States is unlikely to fall from the outside short of an
(3) economic or nuclear war.

We being the heralds of both the Revolutionary Age and the Nuclear Age, we should be best suited to be the vanguard of peace and freedom.

Therefore we should always be ever vigilant in preventing the stages of a social shift towards a Fourth Reich
(4) if not for the reality that the stakes are too high now.

If America becomes the true new dark imperial force, not only will the global beacon for liberty be gone, but it will goes on to take a nuclear war to put it to rest.

With what it took to put down the Third Reich,
(5) leaving Germany's infrastructure not far off from nuclear devastation, in the technocratic modern surveillance state world, even the cockroaches would be lucky to survive what it would take to finish off the Fourth Reich once and for all.
(6) They say 'those who do not know history's mistakes are doomed to repeat them'.

I say that those who do not understand how humans are manipulated and the systems of power in this world, are doomed to repeats history's mistakes.
(7) As such, this THREAD will be mostly about human nature and the mechanisms by which humans are manipulated, whereas this main topic compared to lessons from history along side trends and power structures of today.

Is there a 'Nazi' lurking inside of YOU ?
(8) The answer; there IS a 'Nazi' lurking in essentially anyone and everyone, especially the most uninformed!

Would you say 2+2=5, just because everybody around you said so?
(9) Would you intentionally shock somebody with high voltage for not being able to correctly answer questions on a benign test?

Would you suck up to superiors whom you don't even like, while spitting down on your subordinates?
(10) If you were abducted and held as a prisoner, would you grow to empathize with your captors (Stockholm Syndrome) ?

If you act the part of being a prison warden tomorrow, would you quickly become an abusive bully of the inmates(in a matter of a few days)?
(11) Could you go from being "normal" to being a fully prepared Nazi'esque authoritarian in a matter of 4 days (while studying Nazi history)?

If you immediately answered "NO" to all of these questions with a knee-jerk response, odds are most if not all of these could happen to
(12) you!

Here shall be highlighted some rather little known yet infamous social psychology experiments.

There's actually a decent chance you're familiar with at least one of these.

I had known about most of them, but this 'new' one "The Wave" caught my eye recently.
(13) Despite being familiar with this kind of stuff, I still found "The Wave" to be jaw dropping.

The Wave is a most fascinating case study, especially since it was 'happened upon' by a high school history teacher.
(14) In the annals of dark social psychology experiments, and beyond, we also find many other similar results.

The Asch Conformity Experiment:
(15) So there it is, as George Orwell wrote about in 1948, in his landmark novel "1984", it turns out he called it right and that people will essentially believe that "2+2=5", just so long as their 'peers' say so.
(16) 2+2=5 ?
(18) Yet more mindless conformity.

The next one I find particularly irritating.

Several times I've been the only one to rush to pull somebody out of a wrecked car in a car accident.

This one time there had to be at least 50 onlookers sit in their cars and watch me pull the
(19) heavy set elderly lady out of her minivan that was flipped over upside down in the middle of the huge intersection.

The only guy that came to help on that occasion was her husband that arrived in another car.

Shame on the rest of them.
(20) The Bystander Effect:

The Wikipedia page for The Bystander Effect the most most enriched out of all of the subjects.

Likewise, Youtube is loaded with videos showing social experiments people have done.

Now this is where things start to get dark..
(23) The Shock The Puppy Experiment:

"Charles Sheridan and Richard King theorized that perhaps Milgram's subjects had merely played along with the experiment because they realized the victim was faking his cries of pain.
(24) To test this possibility, Sheridan and King decided to repeat Milgram's experiment, introducing one significant difference.

Instead of using an actor, they would use an actual victim who would really get shocked.

Obviously they couldn't use a human for this purpose, so
(25) they used the next best thing: a cute, fluffy puppy.

An honorable mention for this array, I had to include Stockholm Syndrome, as it helps show just how crazy we are as a sepsis, as well as it will go on to help explain a lot of crazy things in 'politics'.
(27) Stockholm Syndrome is perhaps the most publicly well known of these key subjects herein.

Note that the FBI identifies a low incidence of it, but that the 'right conditions' for it to occur in abductions aren't necessarily always present.
(28) Stockholm Syndrome is also a good lead-in for the next one:

The Stanford Prison Experiment:
(29) The effect found with that came true during the Iraq War, in Abu Ghairab Prison, a subject we will be sure to revisit during the course of this series.
(30) And now comes the big kahuna.

Even already being familiar with most of the above, recently I encountered "The Wave" for the first time and it still blew my mind.

This is a high level situation, where the others above are more of 'on the spot' little 'traps'.
(31) This classroom experiment played out in a mere period of what four days.

The teacher managed to turn half the school into little goosestepping authoritarians.

Perhaps the weirdest part was, it wasn't as if he did it on the sly.
(32) The whole came dovetailed right out of their classroom topic of how the Nazi's managed to whip their populace into such a rabid sinister force the way they did.

"The Wave" Experiment:

Here is The Wave audiobook for those interested.

The results from this case study I would categorize as 'proper' "Brainwashing" (huge results over a short term), opposed to typical
(34) 'everyday' "Indoctrination" (solid results following 'long' periods of 'Behavior Management' + 'Cultural Conditioning') as seen in child parenting.

Mind Control:

(35) These subjects make clear we as a species have inherent weaknesses.

Considering so many historical examples of them in action, especially on the mass scale, I argue these subjects should be required reading for each and every individual human being to walk, from this day
(36) forth.

When you look at the grandiosity of humanity's capability of destructive folly of yesteryear this argument is made clear, while now in the 21st Century the stakes are higher than ever.

Keep the visual results of these studies in mind as we move forward.
(37) The next tweets will dig deep into example mechanisms of 'Human Nature vs. Nurture' in light of the kinds of effects we've seen here.

While they will prove citation heavy academic stuff, this series will prove most dynamic in methods as it moves forward.
(38) As it does I intend to unravel every mechanism and dissect every method by which we can and are manipulated, while breaking down the power structures bent on such ends.

Check out names like Gustave le Bon, Serge Muscovia and Eric Cuddon.
(39) They were researching mobs and crowds before Milgram could even spell 'ethics.'

The subtext of their discussions is how we're all programmable with very few exceptions.

We're all likely to be carried away on the tides of history.
(40) We'd be Nazis or Nazi sympathisers/collaborators if we'd lived in 1930s/40s Germany.

We'd be lopping the limbs off Tutsis if we lived in Rwanda in the mid 1990s.

If we lived amidst the Islamic State, most of us would comply and STFU and many would integrate and be active
(41) Most of us conform just like we have tendencies towards bystander apathy.

We're inclined to get carried away in idealizing charismatic political figures almost like sleep-walking or being brain-washed.
(42) I think studying how the Nazis rose to power is very important.

There is definitely something to be found here in how the German people gave their authoritarian leaders power.

There are many people who are extremely resistant to authority.

But there are also a group of
(43) people who love it.

It's a very weird type of submission to authority.

I think successful authoritarian leaders know how to manipulate certain types of people.

There are certain patterns of interactions that give the authoritarian leader his or her power (mostly his).
(44) I think it could be studied, understood, and probably defended against by having awareness of the manipulation techniques. I don't have it exactly understood, but it's based on documented propaganda techniques: google the video
(45) "Edward Bernays and the Art of Public Manipulation" for an introduction on how basic human instinct governed by emotions can be manipulated.

So here is what I think authoritarian leaders do to accumulate power.

The authoritarian leader will make a statement creating an
(46) emotional response in their audience.

The statement could just be an outright falsehood.

What is important is that it draws out a strong emotional response from the audience.
(47) Many times the authoritarian leader will blame another group of people for all that is wrong in society.

It doesn't matter.

The important thing is to make a statement that gets the audience so mad they want to spit.
(48) Once in this heightened emotional state, the authoritarian leader then "programs" his audience to think in a way that authoritarian leader is solely representing.

An audience desperate for social justice will grab onto the authoritarian leader's words in proportion to
(49) their desperation.

The authoritarian leader presents a micro-Hegelian Dialectic dialog to accumulate power through emotional outrage.

It's just an observation for most part....

I'm sure there are much smarter people who have spent much more time studying exactly how
(50) this works (maybe not always for the best of reasons !)

I may be complete wrong an off here.

But I really believe there's something to the way people get so emotional about politics nowadays that is not healthy for our democracy....

End of Thread !

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