Hello @RCMPAlberta, any update on this “good people on both sides” communications disaster?

I don’t understand why accountability is so hard. Imagine if this was a PR person for a corporation. This conduct would be swiftly addressed to manage brand perception. #ableg THREAD https://twitter.com/cityrachelle/status/1308839028716904448
In this case, it’s so much more than people’s feelings about shoes/cars/fast food. It’s the foundation of the rule of law, of liberal democracy, and the post-war consensus on human rights that racism/dehumanization isn’t a “polite disagreement.”
Fix it, @rcmpgrcpolice #ableg
And more than that, it’s a question of public safety. How, precisely, are people of visible minority in central Alberta supposed to feel safe when their local @RCMPAlberta officer says things that make white supremacists cheer on television?
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