Today marks the end of Gender Equality Week.

The @abndpcaucus once again spoke about our universal affordable childcare plan and women's economic recovery.

Let's go over what @jkenney & the @UCPCaucus did for Gender Equality Week:

In his bombastic response to the federal Throne Speech, the Premier failed (once again) to recognize that investing in childcare is an economic policy that creates jobs (mostly for women), gets women back to work & makes us all better off. #ableg
He also ignored (once again) that the sectors of our economy most hit by the pandemic are those that employ women - service, retail, care-giving, educational services. No demand from @jkenney that Ottawa focus on those sectors. #ableg
Minister @LeelaAheer also failed to acknowledge how women have been affected by the pandemic or investing in childcare in her anemic statement to celebrate Gender Equality Week. #ableg
Minister @rebeccakschulz tried to pass off $80 million of federal dollars for Alberta's childcare sector as her own, while sitting on approx $100 million in unspent dollars in her budget. And still fails to outline a long-term plan for childcare to get women back to work. #ableg
And then - as an added bonus - @jkenney refers to intersectionality as "kooky" thereby silencing & insulting women whose lived-experiences are intersected by their race, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression and class. And the women of the @UCPCaucus remain silent.
So happy Gender Equality Week, Alberta. It's easy to be discouraged by this govt's misogyny & sexism. But don't be. They are more & more out of touch with Albertans. The @abndpcaucus will continue to represent women with pride and renewed vigor. We see you. We are you. #ableg
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