It is necessary but not sufficient to vote out Trump.
The Republican Senate has enabled him these past 3½ years.
They must go too.

Here are three things you can do to help:
Encourage others to do the same.
Here are just a few of the awful things that this Senate endorsed.

First of course, the travel ban: clear religious discrimation and racism.
The Supreme Court eventually endorsed this too, which only emboldened Trump.
Why does the Senate put up with this? In large part because they get to appoint judges. Lots and lots of judges, in part because of a blockade during Obama's final years, culminating in the stolen Garland/Gorsuch Supreme Court seat.
The GOP Senate also squashed serious questions about Kavanaugh's finances: how he went from hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt when appointed a judge in 2005 to being debt-free in 2018 without reporting enough income to cover those debts.
This is the payoff for the GOP Senate, the thing they want most (even if they also agree with many of the other Trump actions): a 6-3 SCOTUS majority to end gun control, women's control over their own bodies, and Obamacare.
The GOP Senate endorses all of this behavior. They had a chance to replace Trump with Pence (hardly a star himself) and said nope, we're good with Trump. They must go.
Then there's the response to the extrajudicial killings of Black people throughout this country. This was a moment that called for understanding and healing, and Trump chose instead to stoke racism and division. He knows exactly what he is doing.
The GOP-led Senate passed a resolution calling for a peaceful transfer of power on January 20, but that's an empty promise. They will certainly support all his efforts before that date to steal the election and be re-inaugurated - peacefully! - on January 20.
A contested election ultimately is decided by the House and Senate, not the Supreme Court. And not today's corrupted Senate, but the one we will elect in November. The GOP Senate must go.

These are the important races deciding the control of the Senate.
Only U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents can donate, up to $2,800/candidate/election, so $28,000 for these ten candidates. I hate how much money goes to elections instead of more worthy causes. The alternative today is the GOP outspend and keeps the Senate and maybe the WH.
If Biden wins, he can stop a lot of the awfulness Trump has started, but not all of it. Laws need to be passed, which won't happen with the GOP-led Senate. They will obstruct Biden like Obama.

Vote them out for enabling Trump. Vote them out to let Biden fix what Trump did.
I wasn't sure who to give to, so I took time to do the research and put this slate together.

Please help. Please give what YOU can. Help stop not just Trump but the GOP-led Senate as well.
My wife and I will match donations on this page, up to our combined $56,000 max. If we can get back on track, then this could be the best investment we ever make (like Arnold said), especially compared to leaving the US to escape autocracy and fascism.
And VOTE, even if you're in a solidly blue state!

And please consider writing letters or making calls to encourage others. See SwingLeft to start. 
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