So, something that I never thought of much until recently is my eye stims.

I've learned that some folk might press against their eyes with their palms, I think I only do that during a good cry. When I was little it was to see the sparkles (ik that that's not the best đŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł)
Some other folk might poke their eyes, which could be another way to get stimulation from the eyes.

But the they stim that I do most often, & didn't ry allow myself to explore very much until after finding out I could be autistic, is that I really enjoy looking out of the upper
right corner of my eyes.

Ik kt sounds weird & like that would do nothing, but for whatever reason it very apparent to me that when I look oit of the upper right corner it feels really nice. It gives that same build up feeling that you get from other kinds of stims.
It's a bit stretching my eyes even though I'm not putting much stress kn them.

But yeah, that's why if you ever see me stimming, especially rocking, you're more than likely also going to see me looking out the upper right corner of my eyes.

🌈 The More You Know 😂
Anyone else have any eye stims?
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