The letter I’m sending around to House colleagues for signatures says we should stop confirming corporate lobbyists or c-suite officers to the executive branch.

No arguing about whether they were CEO for four years, five years or six years.

Let’s just #EndCorporateGovernment.
This is one of the most bipartisan concerns in the country. In that same poll, Trump voters said 61-38 they’re worried about corporate power and concerned by an overwhelming 83-12 about the political power of corporations.

54 percent said the government should bust monopolies.
My letter, directed to Sen. Schumer and Sen. McConnell, says we can have a more functional, public-minded government by stopping the revolving door and keeping corporate power out of the top levels of government for a change.

We really can #EndCorporateGovernment.
Corporate monopolies are getting stronger, and they’re going to expect more power, not less, in the years to come.

This is one of the most important issues we face right now. Share this thread if you think it’s time to #EndCorporateGovernment.
Everything we’ve seen from the Trump administration – putting Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson in charge of the State Department and oil lobbyists in charge of @Interior and the @EPA – shows how badly we need a new standard.
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