HAPPENING NOW: Trump's personal lawyers are arguing in the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals against the Manhattan DA's subnpoena to obtain Trump's financial records. Check here for updates:
Off the bat, Trump's attorney William Consovoy is facing sharp questioning from Judge Leval, who says Trump's team has simply failed to show evidence of bad faith or overbreadth by the DA.

"You haven’t set forth evidence that could justify staying the subpoena or quashing it."
Trump attorney faces skepticism from Judge Katzmann as well:

"Are you asking us to change the way grand juries have done their work for time immemorial jus because we’re dealign with somebody who’s president of the United States?"
Judge Lohier, the third judge on the panel, who was most favorable to Trump team during earlier proceedings, indicates the court might have the power to narrow the DA's subpoena without killing it altogether.
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