I watched the presser, and while Premier @jkenney didn't say it exactly like this, it was close enough, and I have a lot of thoughts. Buckle in. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli /1 https://twitter.com/EmmaLGraney/status/1309174462630301697
Let's start with the fact that you're right @jkenney Indians are not going to be driving around in Teslas, that's because they drive @TataCompanies -- the biggest car manufacturer in India that makes cars specifically designed for efficiency and affordability in the country. /2
India actually has substantial ambitions on electric vehicles. In 2017 India's Minister of Transport committed to moving India to 100% electric vehicles by 2030. While the targets have changed, the ambition for cleaner roads and electrification has not. /3
This message is echoed across India. Chief Minister @ArvindKejriwal Signaled in August that Delhi intends to become a world leader in electric vehicles. The government is targeting 25% of the newly registered vehicles across the city by the year 2024 to be electric vehicles. /4
India has further ambitions for 2- and 3-wheelers (78% of vehicles sold in the country are in this category) with the intent to move to electric by 2023 (3-wheelers) and 2025 (2-wheelers). https://bit.ly/3mQ9e1x  /5
Moving on, more broadly, Prime Minister @PMOIndia is a fierce advocate for climate change, cleaner, renewable energy, and sustainable development; and he fully intends to move India in that direction. https://on.nrdc.org/2G4AxEm  /6
By 2030, India has committed to increasing its use of renewable energy five times over today's limits; develop low-carbon pathways; and expand the use of bio-fuels to (wait for it....) reduce the use of crude oil (and yeah, cow dung is a bio-fuel) https://on.nrdc.org/3mVpK0m  /7
And let's just take another minute on cow-dung shall we -- you can degrade it all you want, but its actually an incredibly sustainable and smart biofuel, and using it for biogas lowers the instance of emissions, pollution and contamination. https://bit.ly/2FQ8Kb9  /8
These aren't just investments that will help the climate, they're smart investments that will strengthen the economy. @IFC_org reports a total climate-smart investment opportunity of $3.1 trillion
in India from 2018 to 2030. https://bit.ly/30bbJSq  /9
I'm all for Canadian O&G Investment -- but the next time we're going to promote ourselves let's maybe avoid actively degrading other countries. And let's definitely avoid the shitty (see what I did there) racist undertones that seek to portray the Global South as backwards. /10
There's a way for us to be smart about how we invest and how we portray Canada and Alberta's natural resources, and there's a way for us to look ridiculous as we stand on a teetering soapbox. Let's pick the first one. END. #abpoli #cdnpoli /11
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