Perhaps even more interesting than solar’s ridiculous rise has been that of energy storage. The total capacity of storage projects is up over 400% from August 2019 and, as recently as Spring 2020, surpassed natural gas in the queue to take the #3 spot behind solar and wind.
On peak: Assuming that 70% of the approx. 13,500 MW of solar projects in the latter stage of the queue gets built, indicates that over 7,000 MW of on-peak generation is coming soon, not to mention even more from distributed solar, wind, and energy storage.
Not to mention the tens of billions of dollars in local taxes and landowner payments that renewables are scheduled to make in mostly rural areas of the state over their lifetime.
Wind energy has already tied output from coal in Texas, and paired with solar and storage, the renewable portion of Texas’ electricity mix will only grow.
While revenues and royalties from O&G are tied to global markets that are stubbornly stalled out and declining, all indications are that Texas electricity demand is only going to grow. That growth will mean more renewables along with the grid and financial stability they bring.
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