We are gambling with our lives.

Any of you actually gamble?

I see a few hands go up. If not, you at least know people bluff and cheat when playing cards, and it's up to you to call them out, or he wins.

Pretend we're all sitting at a poker table, and Odious Rex is seated at the head of the table (Please pretend). We play, and keep playing, and begin realizing he is bluffing. But we fold, and heck, he doesn't even need to show his cards.

Then we begin realizing he is cheating, even stealing our chips, and we do call him out! But he laughs, knowing we'll be back again tomorrow to play.

With each game the stakes continue to rise, and, yet, we continue to play, never stopping the game to throw the rogue out.

Some players drop out having gone broke or worse, then people around us are sick and dying.

But we shout out at the end of each game, NEXT TIME WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!

And, on we play.

Every. Damn. Day.

The game is Democracy, and the cards could be any issue of the day: pandemic, law & order, poverty, racism, etc.

Every day, Odious deals a new hand, and we step up to play knowing we will lose, as more people go broke, more die.

Whose behavior is insane?

At what point do we regain our sanity and toss him out? People are dying, yet we firmly hold onto the belief we will win.

We have already lost, yet pin our hopes on a future event now in jeopardy.

(No penguins were harmed in the writing of this thread.)
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