A thread of how to stop a binge circle:
(it really works for me)
First and most important thing is to keep your mind occupied. I know how difficult is to not think about food but now that summer holidays have ended and college has started it's much easier for me because I'm focusing on studies. If you're not studying then try other activities
Secondly, if you're very hungry try to trick your stomach by chewing some chewing gum or biting ice. You can drink black coffee or green tea too.
You've must heard the previous ones a lot but now I'm going to talk about a method that really works for me and literally removes my hunger. My solution is a waist trainer. The first time you wear it it's a bit uncomfortable but in 2 or 3 days you'll get used to it.
Why does a waist trainer remove your hunger?
It is because it restricts your stomach and it makes it impossible to overeat.
I hope this thread helps you.
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