This thread is for people, specially a big handle whom I used to respect but he chose to indulge in a selective bigotry against respectable battle of Haifa without knowing and considering the time period it happened and weight it carried. (1/n)
Anyway there are people who mocked Haifa battle of World War-1 saying we were used as pawns and we spilled our blood for nothing, obviously most of them are doing this due to their own rajputphobia not bcz they cared abt them. Those soldiers felt proud abt that battle, (2/n)
They didnt feel like they were used as pawns, the battle was fought voluntarily and was not forced upon us by the British. In fact freedom fighters of that time too agreed and supported Indian army to fight alongwith British. The parent regiment of the indian army (3/n)
still celebrate the victory to this day, the Indian Army doesnt feel this way that they were used as pawns, but armchair expert of today's times understand this better I think. The fight was against Ottoman Turks, need I remind you that Ottomans wiped a whole chunk of (4/n)
of the population Armenians, the armenian genocide is still denied by Turkey for its repercussions. Ottomans were not some heroes or good people against which Indian fought, the land where this battle was fought didnt belonged to Turks, the turkish empire controlled this (5/n)
Foreign land and did many atrocities against locals. One such example is the leader of Bahai and son of its founder who made a separate religion from Islam was kept prisoner in Haifa and was to executed by Turks but he was saved by the armies of Jodhpur lancers. (6/n)
Bahai faith still celebrate Haifa day, so does jews everyone for their freedom from evil turks. Now come to a different topic, what did these armies gained by participating in the World war 1. I am gonna tell you this by giving a nice example. Bear with me. (7/n)
Bikaner Maharaja Ganga Singhji came on to the throne of Bikaner at a young age and within 3-4 years of his rule a terrible famine consumed this part of India. Almost 20% population of Bikaner was killed due to that famine. It was so heartbreaking for the young maharaja. (8/n)
He decided that I will do something that in future no such calamity can occur on our people. Bikaner state in that time was part of Thar desert and nothing significant grew in that desolate land. He decided to bring the water from rivers of punjab in the desert (9/n)
Punjab was mostly under British rule. When he propose this project to British govt, they straight up said no. Punjab govt didnt want to share the water with anyone else and also neighbouring state Bahawalpur Nawab (now in pakistan) opposed the decision too for
their selfishness. From 1903 Ganga Singhji did all kind of lobbying for years with the British for the canals but nothing came out of it. WW-1 came and Ganga Singhji alongwith his state army participated in the war. He was the only Indian guy to be on (10/n)
Imperial War cabinet that include heads of states of US, Britain, France etc. He was India's representative and was one of the signatories of treaty of Varsaille. This helped Bikaner a lot, his reputation due to war effort grew among British and due to this British (11/n)
finally agreed for his 17 year old demand and then the massive work began. The work needed a lot of money, and was entirely financed by the Bikaner riyasat with loan taken from different marwari merchants living in bombay and calcutta. The work was completed years later and(12/n)
was inauguarated by Viceroy Curzon. Ganga singhji drove first Hal (plough) in the ground and Maharaniji sowed pearls in the furrow in opening ceremony. The canal changed the whole landscape of the area. New town of ganganagar was laid down and prosperity followed (13/n)
The whole desert was made green, but Ganga Singhji wasnt just satisfied with that He proposed to build Bhagra dam in Punjab and its water to bring into Bikaner too. Although this wasnt be made possible until independence. Ganga Singhji died before that in 1943. (14/n)
And it is said that last thing he said before dying was 'Bring me the Bhakra dam file'. Such a legend. The point of this example is may become clear that without the war effort of Ganga Singhji the water would not have come to this desert which is now a green land. (15/n)
During the partition when Radcliff was about to give headwaters of the canal to pakistan then Bikaner state opposed this vehemently, they pressurized British and Indian congress too that without the canal Bikaner has no existence. Radcliff had to add that area in india. (16/n)
No people had to die from hunger because soldiers gave their blood for their people. It is just an example & several such example exist. The point is saying such vile thing about people who gave their life, voluntary chose to fight and helped their countrymen is really sad.(17/n)
Say the same thing to Indian army that "don't celebrate Haifa day that is foreign victory" if you have guts. They will reply you in a better manner I think. (18/18)
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