I don’t want to be emotional with you guys but, when Mew said that he’s not scared anymore because we’re with him, I can’t help but wonder... 🥺🥺🥺

Back in January 2019 — Was he actually scared that day? Was he actually nervous that day?
After Mew’s, “I’m not scared anymore because I have you”, I realized that maybe, Mew was so scared that day at the TTTS Auditions. I think it’s safe to assume that mewlions who went to TTTS Audition to support Mew are the last push Mew needed to move forward. To go for it again.
And then he met Gulf who proudly proclaimed it to the world just months after they met that, “P’Mew will protect me. Absolutely.”

What happened in January 2019 is like, mewlions pushing Mew forward then Gulf reaching out for Mew’s hand to hold, so they can move forward together.
I think it’s also safe to say that, yes, Mew kicked the walls Gulf surround himself with, but Gulf reached out for Mew’s hands too, hold them tight, before standing beside him, to keep each other steady. They pulled each other out of their shell at the same time that day.
Mew have no one but his family, friends and mewlions “back then”. Back then when everything was so scary... and yet he never really let it show that he was scared.

We only found out that he was indeed scared when he said, “I’m not scared anymore because I have you.” 🥺
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