This smoke is heading your way Delhi. Crop residue burning happening today in a village Verka, Amritsar. Farmer says no option, need Rs 2,500 to pay for machine & labour. There should be one machine at block level, its not there. Private companies charge too much.
Happening today in #Punjab. This is heading your way #Delhi, NCR. Nothing is being done to resolve this issue. #stubbleburning
It’s not as if there is no information. Just no political will to do. #stubbleburning
All leaders of concerned states and central leadership please set aside politics and think about lives of people in these states, who will face the double whammy of poisonous air and Covid. #Delhi #Punjab #Haryana #UP
Is your throat itching? Your eyes watering? Has your breathing gotten laboured? All this will happen in a few days, people of #Delhi and NCR because this smoke from #Punjab is headed your way.
The blue skies, clean air and happy lungs are a thing of the recent past in #Delhi. It’s back to polluted air because of crop stubble burning in Punjab and uncaring attitude of our elected representatives in states n centre.
Crop stubble burning from Punjab today, this smoke is coming your way, #Delhi and #NCR Farmer says cannot afford to buy or rent machine, government doesn't help in any way.
This is coverage from today, crop #stubbleburning is still happening in Punjab, when the air quality in Delhi has turned to 'poor' because of winds blowing in the smoke from Punjab
And it is here #Delhi because despite media bringing it to the attention of lawmakers, they did nothing to stop this from happening, like last year. Now add to the fact that we are in the throes of a pandemic. #pollution
Dear #Delhi people while you fretted and fumed over meow meow and ganja wars of Bollywood, the air turned poisonous because #Punjab ‘s government did nothing to stop #StubbleBurning Your adorable TV anchors didn’t chase lawmakers for answers. Now we have to breathe this poison
In case I haven’t tweeted enough on this already. Here, more of more. #stubbleburning #Punjab #pollution
A haze in many parts of Delhi today, smoke coming in from #stubbleburning in #Punjab . Please notice the silence of our law makers who twiddled their thumbs for the past 6 weeks letting our air get toxic
Thank you.
Haze over National Capital Region. #Punjab #Haryana #stubbleburning for a month has brought in the smoke, the air is foul.
What is the point?! Slapping fine on some random farmer or two is band-aid. Straw balers should have been placed in every district & nominal charge to hire them or 'Pusa-solution' given to farmers free of charge. #stubbleburning
Haze over Delhi this morning...
Spot India Gate. This morning #pollution #Delhi
Don't listen to media if you don't want to, please listen to this girl. Bury your differences, don't read out manipulated data, help in cleaning our air.
Punjab Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, #stubbleburning continues unabated making the air in #Delhi and neighbouring cities toxic. The lawmakers quote bogus statistics blaming everything under the sun other than their apathy to resolve this problem
#stubbleburning through the day today in #Punjab...the winds will bring the smoke to #Delhi by tomorrow
We have fewer bad days this year as per statistics quoted by centre n state level politicians. Please take comfort in that when your gasp for air. This air ⬇️ is coming our way #Delhi #stubbleburning
The smoke is here, haze in #Delhi and NCR. Farm fires #stubbleburning But you are welcome to believe our lawmakers who are quoting statistics to tell you, it isn't as bad as past years. Go out and breathe the air to know better.
This happens every year and there are ways to stop it but no one wants to. It is state apathy. Both at the centre and state levels. They breathe this air too, so cannot understand why they don't care enough.
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