You know, having an outgoing administration AND the FBI manufacture a scandal while/by illegally spying on a political opponent during an election campaign and then lying about it seems like it should be a big deal.
Granted, I'm no legal expert and am therefore not familiar with the Orange Man exception to jurisprudence, so maybe it's all perfectly legal. In some parallel universe. What say you, Media?

Media: Ermagherd did you hear the stupid thing Trump said?
So you're not interested in a scandal that completely dwarfs the second rate burglary and subsequent coverup that was Watergate.

Media, going all Westworld android: Doesn't look like anything to me.
You know what's even worse? If any outgoing GOP president had done this kind of crap I'd be lighting the torches and carrying the pitchforks myself.
Remember those jackwagons who said "You stupid conspiracy theorist. You'd have to believe the FBI would lie and a large group would fabricate evidence to get a FISA warrant. You must be simple."

Not one of them has offered a mea culpa.
No "Holy crap, I was wrong. This WAS a conspiracy and the FBI DID lie." Instead, it's on to the next thing they can furrow their collective brow about.
And the worst part of all is that no one of consequence is going to get indicted or see prison time. Best case scenario is some minor flunkie falling on his/her sword. And if Biden wins, this all goes away.
Goes away isn't really the right phrase because as far as the media is concerned, it doesn't exist.
When the burning times come, and they will, everyone will remember the media's (almost all of them) part in all this. That memory will not be pleasant.
I'll repeat once more for those in the back: no matter how low your opinion is of the media, it isn't low enough.
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