Wish people would stop saying “antifa are the real fascists!” They aren’t, they are Communists.
People mistake tactics (authoritarian, militant) that any particular worldview (fascism, Communism, lib democracy, etc) can use. This obfuscates the issue by deflecting from how shitty communism is by suggesting only fascism uses these tactics.
Important to keep in mind that everything fascists and Nazis get accused of doing was done by Communists years before. Commies burned books, censored opposition, put people in prison camps, carried out mass executions, etc before fascism even came to be as a political system.
Fascism is entirely a reaction to Communism. If you do not want actual fascism, stop running cover for and allowing Communism to take over your institutions. Inevitably there will be a right wing populist reaction when you push otherwise normal folks too far.
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