don’t let this flop pls
reply in quotes
what does DNA stand for?
what is the symbol for mercury on the periodic table?
what’s the capital of poland?
who wrote the hunger games?
name an american political party other than democrat or republican
what is the most specific animal classification?
who got assassinated that led to WW1?
name a book fredric engels wrote
what’s the scientific name for nearsightedness?
define communism
what is a hurricane called when it forms in the indian ocean?
what’s the fourth state of matter?
how many bones are we born with?
what states don’t observe daylight savings time?
who were the main opponents of the cold war?
how many teaspoons in a 1/4 cup?
find the complex roots of x^2 + 144
name the 10th member of the girl group LOONA
what is a group of instruments played by hitting or shaking them called?
what is a group of penguins called?
what spelling of 🐦 means the word bird- pidgin or pigeon

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what’s the highest and lowest points on earth?
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