trump shared a black guy's video that is pro-trump, taken in the back of a truck. Feels staged. So I went down the rabbit hole to find his identity. Maybe a relative of Diamond & Silk? No. But I did find-- /1
This mugshot. Mercedes is Perika's son. (She is the sister of D&S.) The Hardaway family is sketchy. /2
His LinkedIn shows his "volunteer" experience was all at family businesses. With that criminal arrest, he can kiss a career in law enforcement goodbye. /3
There's this 2012 article about their brother Marcus Hardaway. /4
It appears that Marcus Hardaway has a criminal record. /5
Taking a cue from his grifter sisters, Marcus Hardaway formed an LLC two months ago. Black Wealth Entertainment. /6
I was curious about his "agent" Breonna McGregor. Turns out she has a criminal record, too. /7
Last year I had done a deep dig into D&S, and uploaded all my research to a Google drive for anyone who's curious. /8
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