Still thinking about that Atlantic article a lot, and one big thing strikes me: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Carolina and Arizona all have Democrats serving as their Secretaries of State. All but Arizona also have Democratic governors.
If Biden wins those states Republicans legislators could certainly claim voter fraud. But do any of those states have existing laws on the books giving the legislature the power to certify the winner?
If a state legislature tried to pass a law awarding the state’s votes to Trump if would be vetoed by the Governor. So it’s not at all clear to me how the chain of events described by the Atlantic takes places.
This is Michigan state law, which seems pretty clear that the governor certifies the electors. While Republicans control both houses of the legislature, they don't have a veto proof majority.
North Carolina law also gives all the power in certifying electors to the Secretary of State and the Governor. The Republicans no longer have a supermajority that could override a gubernatorial veto.
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