Political & Information Warfare: (It's still War)

We apply these names or acronyms as if it is some sort "new" thing. IO IIA etc etc. There is nothing new, just different names so people can sound inventive. In truth, these names & the people are fairly pedestrian.
They only succeed because you/we allow it. The revelations about "Spygate" "Obamagate" "Russia Hoax" are simply the mildest of the infractions. The ones "deemed" safe enough for public disclosure. Imagine what they are & will hold back. We will never know all that happened.
Remember the goal people. Negation. They have negated everything about our society. The founding of our country, the family, the Church, our pass times. Everything about our lives today has been directly affected, targeted by some form of Narrative enforcement. Everything.
The news has been a propaganda arm of Governments since their has been Governments. There is nothing "new" about that. Gov't have been despotic, also nothing new. We should stop spinning outrage porn & do things that affirm our stake in the fight. We are stronger than we think.
The Mask issue is over. They lied. If you wear one, for any reason other than you are a "high risk" person or have family members who are then you are participating in your own defeat. If you watch the NFL or go to movies it is the same. Never ever donate to a Political Party.
We have become our own toxic relationship. Nothing to do but rip the band-aid off and rebuild. A start is not participating in the daily bullshit they sell. What do you really need to know about Biden vs Trump? Anyone who is undecided is willfully ignorant.
We have a process for electing Officials. We've had a written Constitution longer than any other Gov't in the world. We may be a young country but we are not new to this game. ANY and all changes to that process, one that has been in use for over 240 years, is an act of war.
This is not a partisan or political statement. It is OUR country, the Gov't derives it's powers from OUR consent. We decide when we change it, not Twitter, Google, China, or Academia. Thank God the Amendment process is so damn difficult, because they would scam that too.
These people are attempting to destroy our futures. Don't let them. First things first, landslide. Anything less is evidence of a corrupt process. The polls were rigged last time & they are rigged now. Don't accept their bullshit. If the GOP plays games.......
At least the left tells you what they intend. The GOP lies to you & manipulates you for their own ends. They need to know, we won't go quietly into the night like the Tea Party. We will come for them First. Every last one of those bastards. They need to know we are watching.
Cancel your cable. Spend more time with your kids. Read Hegel (know your enemy) Marx & Lenin pull from him. This information warfare game only works if you play. Stop playing. You know bullshit when you hear it. Stop playing. They lied, they no longer get to make up for it.
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. "false in one thing, false in everything." Debates don't matter. There is nothing we will learn about Biden or Trump that we don't already know or suspect with enough confidence to make a decision. The idea folks are doubt is utter B.S.
The Enemy is attempting to "Negate" our system and is using their assets (the media) to convince you to go along with it. The violence & riots are simply one way of attacking the system, Lawfare & sabotage from within are still another. These people should be ashamed to speak.
The fact they go TV every single night and spew this complete non-sense tells you all you need to know about their character. I wouldn't piss on @AndrewCMcCarthy if he was on fire, nor the rest those that worship at the alter of the DC cocktail circuit. This isn't complicated.
They think themselves better than you because someone stuck a microphone in the face or put them on TV. They talk all high-minded about esoteric concepts while our cities burn. They are all fools or complicit. A pox on all their houses. Ignore them, ridicule them. Don't play.
We know they screwed us out of this Presidents 1st term. Make them suffer. There should be a new Party formed on Nov 4th. The MAGA party & we should make Trump the leader of it. If for no other reason than to piss them off. They deserve nothing but our scorn.
So, I'll finish with this. The lied. Full Stop. They are still lying. Don't listen. Don't Mask. Demand your kids go back to school. Open your business. And no matter what vote in Person. After Nov 3rd. We all need to be on the same page. It's gonna get ugly.

Just sayin
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