1\\ I'm glad Colm is speaking out about lockdowns, but I'd like to make a somewhat pedantic point about civil liberties

The problem is that different people realize lockdowns are terrible at different times

For Colm, it's obvious today, in September... https://twitter.com/Woolberto/status/1309209202003456001
2\\ But for those looking at the age stratification of IFR in Wuhan in Jan/Feb, it was obvious *then* that lockdowns were a bad idea

By March, Korean data made it *absolutely* clear that the young were not at risk
3\\ So, the point at which you realized lockdowns were absurd depended on how close you were to the data

Which means we have a game of "least common denominator"

The world is held hostage until the most dim-witted apparatchik realizes COVID-19 is just a bad flu
4\\ And, people, this is WHY we have rights!

This is why we enshrine the right to speech. To free association. To bear arms, etc.

Because if you make these liberties *contingent*, they will inevitably become contingent on the hysterics of Blue Check dipshits and gov apparatchiks
5\\5 So please, stop saying "Lockdowns were ok in March, because we were scared"

That's exactly backwards.

The reason we must NEVER have the power to lock people down is *because* we occasionally get scared

The point of rights is to be inalienable!
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