I've lived in Alberta for decades. I think the province is generally crazy. The Conservatives can do nothing for AB but get love in return. The Liberals can fall all over themselves to help AB, but their reward is hate. Crazy. /2 #cdnpoli #abpoli
2/ As I have noted countless times, the current TM pipeline was a 1950s Liberal government Crown corporation project before being sold to a private sector that apparently didn't recognize the post-Leduc need/opportunity. /3
3/ In the mid-70s, when Atlantic Richfield reneged on its promised 30% stake in the first Syncrude project, the PET government led a bailout (joined by AB and those go-freeze-in-the-dark Ontarians). /4
4/ In the mid-90s, the Chrétien government helped the oil sands by giving projects Accelerated Capital Cost Allowances. Those were worth (Globe & Mail) on average $300M/year until phased out by the Harper government, 2010-4. /5
5/ Then there's TMX. And $700M in EI expanded/extended EI benefits to AB applicants, delivered retroactively to January 4/15 and until July 8/17 after the Harper government did nothing for AB's unemployed. But, the Liberals are mean to Alberta. So mean.
I've asked many times. What have the Conservatives, especially the Reform Conservatives, done for Alberta? Silence is the result.
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