Ok, gonna start the #EnolaHolmes / #HenryCurlvill livetweet in a few minutes. Go ahead and mute the latter hashtag or this conversation to avoid ~the curl~ though I'm not sure why you would tbh
OK HERE WE GO #HenryCurlvill
too stodgy, and blurry, no curl, 0/10 #HenryCurlvill
well obvi this one is a 10/10, light & springy, ready to go where the action takes it #HenryCurlvill
Oh! But also lol my brother is a huge dork vibes coming from that curl #HenryCurlvill
The deducing curl???? #henrycurlvill
the "Oh my word" curl for sure, "Enola, you at *least* had a governess??" #HenryCurlvill
The "I am begrudgingly impressed, but also a little sad" curl :( #HenryCurlvill
the "oh my god Mom why did you put me in this position" curl, followed IMMEDIATELY by the "rakish-you-would-let-me-hustle-you-in-a-pool-hall" curl #HenryCurlvill
the "yes Mycroft, I am condemning you with my bon mots because I am a lovely curl and you are a big dork" #HenryCurlvill
I'm dying this is the "I legitimately cannot believe we are related, Mycroft" curl #HenryCurlvill
A brief aside for a wonderful new crossover I've thought of #EnolaHolmes
Here the curl has receded into the main mane because Sherlock is feeling very uncomfortable #HenryCurlvill #ACTING
the "oh my god is my brother boning the head mistress?" afraid-to-come-down-curl #HenryCurlvill
the "Let's bond and reminisce about how much Mycroft truly sux0rz" curl #HenryCurlvill
the idk i'm sure SOMEONE needs this screenshot curl #henrycurlvill
here the curl is like 'oh no, she's like a F A N fan' #henrycurlvill
and then again followed immediately by 'oh no i am a bad brother' curl perhaps i should burrow back into the coif #henrycurlvill
Guess what time it is? It's time for CONDESCENSION CURL #henrycurlvill
Well we know where he gets it!! 😍 #HenryCurlvill
lol wait is this a prequel to great expectations #enolaholmes
the "omg my sister is sooooo smart" curl #henrycurlvill
also the deducing curl hath returned #henrycurlvill
lol ok this is a forehead curl thread but Enola gave this boy a haircut in the woods in the dark with a KNIFE and now he looks like the lead singer of a 2003 emo band #EnolaHolmes
a good tweet that deserves some attention https://twitter.com/DuncanEdits/status/1309315071919693824
I AM A RESPECTABLE CURL #henrycurlvill
The "I have emotions but please do not mention them" curl #henrycurlvill
the "Mycroft oh my god seriously how are we related" curl + fetching single eyebrow raise #henrycurlvill
@ me in undergrad #EnolaHolmes
the oh ho ho i'm sure you're surprised to see me here curl (L) and then the curl of condescension MAKES ITS UGLY RETURN (R) #HenryCurlvill
the "ok, ok, I'm kind of a dick but we'll call it historical authenticity" curl #HenryCurlvill
lmao but also a "I love strong women, let's unfurl" curl #HenryCurlvill
The "Hey! I worked hard for everything I did and my life wasn't so easy and any way it's not like there aren't other people better off than me don't tell me I have it easy!!!!" curl (I am genuinely loving this movie omg) #HenryCurlvill
Now the curl has come unbound as it is thrown into crisis. #HenryCurlvill
mannnnn mycroft SUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS #EnolaHolmes
the "oh i'm sorry were you going through a traumatic event, i was just standing artfully in this window so the light can glint off me" curl #HenryCurlvill
the "I WAS READING THAT" curl #HenryCurlvill
the "can you believe someone tried to hit ME with a teapot?" curl #HenryCurlvill
lmao the "how dare you read me?!" curl #HenryCurlvill
aw "i'm curling against my brotherly affection for you" curl #HenryCurlvill
the "I am front and center for my big emotional speech" curl #HenryCurlvill
the ok fine I know we said forehead curl, but this is a curl at the back of his neck and i paused the movie i was laughing so hard #HenryCurlvill
the "i'm sherlock fucking holmes you absolute tit" curl #HenryCurlvill
the "god my sister the greatest what a great sister i love her so much i'm so lucky we're related" curl #henrycurlvill
oh she's a WAYWARD CURL #henrycurlvill
This has been #HenryCurlvill, thank you for sticking with me through the utter delight that was #EnolaHolmes <3
Incidentally, dearest @netflix please make 10 more #EnolaHolmes movies, I will watch them all I promise.
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