I want to take just a moment and THANK Judge Sullivan for leaving the case open ALL THIS TIME so AG Barr & DOJ & US Attorney Jeff Jensen could hand over MORE EXCULPATORY DOCUMENTS to @SidneyPowell1 & @molmccann! 🥳🇺🇸👍 https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1309231294816178183?s=20

**This** is why the switch to a counterintel op & why they HID they did this switch. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1309232519817109504?s=20
My God. It’s over. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1309246765485494278?s=20
Durham is completely outed now. His investigation MUST BE OVER otherwise I see no way they let Sidney reveal in a defense filing in open court that he’d **already started his SpyGate investigation** back in April 2017 under Jeff Sessions.
Turns out we didn’t have to wait for the unsealing of the indictments brought by Durham to see the evidence of when the SpyGate investigations actually began.

Had begun by APRIL OF 2017 & Strzok & fellow plotters we’re caught by surprise. 1st sign of loss of containment.
They had **assumed** they’d be able to keep any fallout in-house by having the FBI’s NSD “investigate” for them.

Sessions secretly appointing an outside US Attorney to start investigating in April of 2017 caught the plotters by surprise. They lost containment.
All you guys remember that due to a completely bullshit accusation of trying to hide his interactions with Russians, AG Jeff Sessions had rescued himself in early March of 2017, right?

May 2017. Let it fully sink in. Roll it around inside your brain for a minute.

"...postpone my interview with Durham..."

Let it marinate inside the nerve cells as they fire and transmit information over the neural pathways. https://twitter.com/tracybeanz/status/1309248143796699146?s=20
"Should I keep my interview with John D?"
"I'm going to **continue** to postpone my interview with Durham."




Pretty sure postponing it didn't save him.
Friday is gonna be lit like a [fill in the blank]!

If they let all of THIS out of the bag now by handing it to @SidneyPowell1 so she could PUBLICLY REVEAL IT in a court filing, I sure hope all the proper loins out there are properly girded by now.
Focus on this:

Strzok & others could have leaked when Durham began investigating this at any time. They didn’t because the serious people in charge of this put the fear of God in them.

The people in charge of this are good. THEY ARE VERY VERY GOOD.
They managed to keep the **truth** about when US Attorney John Durham of Connecticut first began investigating SpyGate under wraps until FREAKING SEPTEMBER OF 2020.

Do you **REALIZE** how amazing this is?

In a town like DC with it's leak culture?



Thank God President Trump assembled a team around him early that successfully pulled off one of the biggest disinformation campaigns in history to protect what is **THE BIGGEST** and **MOST SERIOUS** national security investigation ever attempted by the Department of Justice.
This also dropped today.

No wonder the FBI waited to cross all the i's and dot the t's until 3 months after getting the @carterwpage warrant to finally interview Steele's main source.

THEY ALREADY KNEW ALL ABOUT HIM. https://twitter.com/ChuckRossDC/status/1309293138771685376?s=20

The FBI knew **all about** Igor Danchenko because they'd ALREADY INVESTIGATED HIM AS A RUSSIAN SPY BACK IN 2010.

And they had a FISA warrant on him. The irony is MAKING MY HEAD EXPLODE. https://twitter.com/ChuckRossDC/status/1309294113880190981?s=20
I love how @Liz_Wheeler aptly sums up what happens here in one tweet! :D https://twitter.com/Liz_Wheeler/status/1309320789397626881?s=20
So the Brookings Institute research assistant Christopher Steele used as the main source [so he says] for the Steele Dossier info used to get the @carterwpage FISA warrant was investigated by the FBI in 2009/10 for BEING A RUSSIAN AGENT.

With a FISA! https://twitter.com/carterwpage/status/1309320950316318721?s=20
I'd try to tell you where this bombshell development measures on the irony scale but I can't do that because I JUST BROKE THE IRONY SCALE TRYING TO MEASURE THIS.
Remember, this isn't a PR war. The venue is the courtroom.

And Durham is gonna win there. He's got the evidence. All the Fake News Media leaking campaigns from desperate anonymous sources won't stop anything that's coming.
Read this several times. There will be a quiz later.
I still stand by every word of this.
I will now close this thread with this:

I have been waiting to be right for 3 1/2 years now.

I can wait a little longer.

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