I'm really frustrated with this @ewarren spot on @chrislhayes. He keeps asking her "how are we going to fight them" and she keeps saying "we have to fight them... with grassroots" and Hayes is like, yeah OK but what is the SENATE going to do... and it's just "we're gonna fight"
Like, there are options here. Terrible, parliamentarian stunts, but, that's what we have. And the Dems won't commit to ANY of them.


Dems want the public to, like, *force* them into fighting, instead of LEADING THE FIGHT.
Like, the way it's SUPPOSED to work is:
Dems: We're going to do THIS.

Instead they want it to work like this:
Grassroots: PLEASE DO THIS
Dems: Uhh... maybe... how many people agree? Can you convince Romney?
There are people ready to run through a wall for RBG. So... WHAT'S THE PLAY? What wall are we pointing them at?

Right now it's like "go vote. Bring a friend" which, A: they were doing already. And B: DOESN'T STOP TRUMP FROM STEALING THE ELECTION
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