Let’s talk voting security. A short thread.
(1) Contrary to conventional wisdom, elections administrators don’t just randomly count ballots; they count people who voted.

Important distinction: an identified registered voter who submitted a ballot = a vote. Any of those elements are missing? No vote.
(2) There is an EXACT COUNT of registered voters in every single precinct, certified prior to the election.

Precincts can’t “stuff the boxes” beyond the people in their count.
(3) Ballots are individually numbered to each voter. You can’t double vote without getting a second ballot with your number on it.

And duplicate ballots have a “-2” version so tablulaters can see immediately which came in first and who tried to cheat.
(4) Mail-in ballots match BOTH the individual voter number and the voter’s signature on record.

You can’t sign any old ballot and have it count. Both the number and signature have to match.
(5) people could mail out a zillion fake ballots if they wanted to: none of them would count, because they don’t match the serial number to the individual voter.

All such ballots would be rejected - which is the real potential threat of fake ballots.
(6) The postal service has a very robust investigative service and looks for fraud constantly. If 80 million (or any meaningful amount) were injected into the postal system from ANYWHERE other than the Secretaries of State, there would be fireworks.
(7) Ballots are machine tabulated, human observed, and certified by observers from both parties in real time in secure facilities.

Funny business is obvious to everyone in the room. And there are tons of lawyers waiting to pounce.
Long story short - it’s SUPER HARD to cheat in elections. Which is why almost nobody even tries.

And now you know.
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