On Bashar al-Assad:

"The United States must sometimes tolerate the existence of brutal foreign governments, especially if they share a common interest in fighting the same terrorist groups as America."
"Over the past decade, the Assad regime's permissive attitude towards al-Qa'ida and other terrorist groups' foreign terrorist fighter facilitation efforts during the Iraq conflict in turn fed the growth of al-Qa'ida, ISIS, and affiliated terrorist networks inside Syria."
Assad isEXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what Gabbard says he is.

And she knows it.

Libertarians loved her for "opposing regime-change wars."

Guess what her plan for Iraq was?
"Part of the solution, Gabbard argues, is dividing Iraq into three states for the Shiite, Sunni and the Kurdish populations, to ease the sectarian tensions that have long plagued the country, including after the U.S. invasion in 2003."
"'If we don’t address the sectarian issues that have been rumbling below the surface for so long that we’re going to continue to see that oxygen that allows ISIS to maintain a stronghold,' Gabbard said."
"'It’s disappointing that we, the United States, is not leveraging whatever influence we still have in that country to move in that direction.'"
She opposes regime change but wants to stamp out the existence of AN ENTIRE COUNTRY?!

This "solution" would be IMPOSED on the Iraqis by the United States.

They would get no say in it.

She said A LOT of really stupid stuff.

From that same article:
"'Each of these different [terrorist] groups that are basically all being fueled by the same ideology, and none of them can be defeated with a military-only strategy,' she said."

This is October of 2015 in Syria.

Fixed-wing turboprop gunship with TWO automatic cannons.

There IS a purely military solution for Islamist terrorist groups.

But Americans can't be involved except peripherally.

Trump has ENDED our history of interventionism.

And he's no isolationist.

He's a nationalist internationalist, as am I.
America first, but we'll help if asked, and the locals must do the heavy lifting.

Gabbard said that TRUMP and Saudi Arabia support and arm al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.
This makes her what we call a "scumbag."

She said there are no secular rebel groups in Syria.

Jaysh al-Thuwar fought ONLY jihadists, and they used advanced, completely unknown weapons.
Here are hip-fired, guided incendiary rockets with no back blast.

First rocket goes through that tiny firing slit in the building and ignites the interior.

See the bright light in the other firing slit?
Second rocket, Part 1.

Rocketeer is on the right.
Second rocket, Part 2.

That giant explosion was INSIDE THE TOWER.

The entire interior was incinerated.
The Saudis are SAVING the Middle East.

The reason they gave Trump, Melania, Kushner, and Ivanka such a welcome is that WE'RE ON BOARD.

No more sticking our big, fat butts into THEIR business.
(Important phone call from my accidentally adopted son. Sorry. He's good. But I always talk to him when he calls.)
Tulsi Gabbard was a worse choice than Biden because she has all the same authoritarian leftists tendencies but is also an active supporter of Assad and by extension Iran.


And she said that we "abandoned" the Syrian Kurds to "Turkish genocide."


The Kurds and the Syrians had secretly negotiated a deal THAT I READ.

It preserves Syrian Kurdish semi-autonomy.

That deal did many things:
1. Prevented ANOTHER war, this time between the Kurds and Assad.

2. Saved Turkish face.

3. Thwarted Putin's plans to occupy Northeastern Syria.
If you're read my threads, you know that I think the Saudis infiltrated al-Qaeda in Syria, allowing their agent Mohammed Abu Julani to become emir.

His background is entirely unknown, and he's the ONLY "jihadist" emir from 2011 who's still alive.
The Turks gathered all Islamists together under the National Front for Liberation.

Their stars were Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki, who were indistinguishable from the Islamic State.

They beheaded 19-year-old Syrian Arab Army soldier Abdullah al-Issa, who had thalassemia, a blood disorder that makes an adult look like a child.

Al-Issa was kidnapped from a Syrian military hospital by Tulsi Gabbard's pal Assad and delivered to Zenki.
HTS retreated deeper and deeper into Idlib Governorate, luring the National Front for Liberation (NFL) further from Turkish support.

From January 1, 2020, HTS launched 21 simultaneously ground offenses, killing virtually ALL Islamists of the (NFL) by January 10.
Zenki were the last survivors.

Their convoy was stopped by AIR POWER, and as they tried to run to Afrin, they were all picked off.
I have no idea what this HTS "jihadist" is wearing, but it's functional.

The darks patches were covered by equipment. The light areas are the result of dust.

He did NOT want to be filmed.
Witnesses said that the running Zenki terrorists simply exploded.
In conclusion, I continue to be shocked by the stupidity of the intelligentsia and the common sense of the rest of us.

Tulsi Gabbard was preparing to destroy EVERYTHING.

She's crazier than Nancy Pelosi.

Her soothing baritone and muscular butt had men of the country swooning.
I loathed her the second I saw her.

It was all in her eyes and that perpetual faint smile.

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