Kim Jong-Oilers Thoughts on the World. A thread. You ready? These will be short and to the point.
Thought 1: Justin Trudeau had a great throne speech and he’s daring the #CPC and #NDP to force an election over it. Played things right down the middle. Good job. #cdnpoli
Thought 2: Jason Kenney is bat-shit crazy with his reaction to the throne speech. Giving billions of free money to oil and gas is only a priority for the UPC government. It isn’t a Canadian priority. It isn’t even an Alberta priority. It’s corporate welfare. #abpoli #cdnpoli
Thought 3: One thing I’d like to see Trudeau do is take as much power away from the provinces as possible, as several are doing destructive things to health care, social programs and education. He won’t but I wish he could and did. #cdnpoli
Thought 4: You’re going to hear lots of bullshit in Alberta in upcoming weeks about #Wexit and the really stupid bit is, Alberta needs federal help so much right now. Wexit is the worst idea ever right now. Put people are going to push it because they are babies. #cdnpoli #abpoli
Thought 5: As far as the shit in Red Deer, it’s time to fire police officers. I don’t believe in defunding police because they have an important role in society. I do believe in firing police who don’t do their job. In Red Deer, they didn’t do their job. Fire them. #RedDeer #RCMP
Thought 6: It’s fun to watch Canada’s right-wing media botch information on every subject lately. Bankruptcy must be six month away for Postmedia, and it can’t come soon enough. #cdnpoli
Thoughts 7: If you think Jagmeet Singh is a viable alternative to Trudeau, delete your account. If you think Pierre Poilievre is a good guy, delete your account. You like Leslyn Lewis? Delete your account. Just like yourself on fire if you’re an O’Toole fan. Fuck. #cdnpoli
Thought 8: I love Rachel Notley but I still think Alberta’s four opposition parties need to fold into one party in the political center, and ask David Kahn to lead it. Rachel needs to be a part of it but she’ll always be seen as the ABNDP leader and that’s a problem. #abpoli
Thought 9: If you’re an #LetsGoOilers fans, here’s the off-season: Keep McD, Drai, Nuge, Yama, Puljujarvi, Archie, Broberg, Jones, Bear, Bouchard and be open tp moving everyone else. Half this team is good; half not so go. Get rid of the not-so-good parts. It’s that simple.
Thought 10: Dr. Hinshaw is just a fucking #UCP puppet and don’t believe anything she says. A second wave of #COVID19 is coming... it’s here already in the world. The schools aren’t fucking safe at all, and people have stopped taking this seriously. #abpoli
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