1. Welcome to the White House Daily Shadow press briefing. Reporters ask the questions, we give the honest answers. What we don't do is launch ridiculous political attacks from the WH podium that must be written by @realDonaldTrump himself because they are so dumb.
2. So let's get right to your questions. Q. I’m wondering if you can just clean up or clarify something the President said yesterday. If he loses this election, can you assure us that there will be a peaceful transfer of power? A. Wut? Did someone actually say that?
3. Man that would be dumb if someone had actually said that. Q. I’m referring to — with the President being asked if there would be a peaceful transfer of power, and he did not say yes. So I’m asking you: Will there be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses this election?
4. Ok, so let me look down at my briefing book. Oh yeah, there is a tab here for Presidential nullification of election results and declaring martial law. Let's see what it says. Yeah, it looks like @realDonaldTrump is not going to give up power. That's a blockbuster...have
5. guys reported that yet? Q. I’m asking a very direct and very simple question. If the President loses this election, will this White House, will this President assure us that there will be a peaceful transfer of power? It’s a very simple question. We’ve been doing it since
6. 1800. A. Well I'm trying very hard to not answer the question. We all know he won't, but the Chief of Staff sent me out here today to say he would. But he told me to cross my fingers behind my back. Q. just to understand this clearly: Are the results legitimate only if the
7. President wins? A. Bingo, we have a winner. I've got a bunch of talking points here designed to confuse you, but you got it on the first try. The President will decide if they are free and fair and thus he will win under any circumstances. He's just not articulate enough to
8. express a full thought. Q. So, for clarity, if he loses and it’s free and fair, he will accept that? A. No. if he wins, it's free and fair. If he loses its not. Got it? Q. Let me ask about Breonna Taylor, if I can, right now. First of all, I have just a little
9. housekeeping, has the President talked to anyone in Breona Taylor's family. A. Why would he do that. He talked to the good guys, the good black, the Attorney General who loves him. He doesn't talk to people who don't love him and are in the wrong.
10. Has the President spoken to the officers who were shot last night in Louisville? A. I think he had dinner with them last not and they played cards late into the night.
11. So the President spoke to the officers who were shot in Los Angeles. But to this point, there’s no indication the President, at any point over the last several months, has spoken to the family of Breonna Taylor. I guess, why not?
12. The President only speaks to people and families who are innocent victims of brutal crimes and most of the time are white. He does not see Breonna Taylor as a victim here. OK next question. Q. What is the President’s message to the family of Breonna? I heard what — you say:
13. “We grieve for them.” But what is the President’s message to the family of Breonna Taylor that does not believe they received justice? A. He basically doesn't care about them. In fact, he doesn't care about anyone. He just puts on an act for white families because it's good
14. the base. Q.When you say “our,” you mean — you mean the White House, including the President? A. No, it means whoever wrote these talking points which are full of shit by the way. Q. yesterday, when the President said “Get rid of the ballots…there won’t be a transfer,
15.frankly; there’ll be a continuation,” which particular ballots is he talking about wanting to get rid of? And why does he think that would help him get elected? A. The President knows he will lose if all the votes are counted. So his plan is to only count the Trump votes.
16. Q. So why, in the past hour, did the President tweet out, “Vote-by-mail ballots in my home state of FLORIDA begin going out TODAY! Make sure to request yours, fill it out & send it in”? A. Well first it's because he's a freakin hypocrite. Second, he's a cheater and a liar.
17. Third, he's realized that he may be suppressing his own vote. But since hypocrisy is part of the GOP brand he's not worried about any blowback. Q. Today, FBI Director Wray testified on the Hill that he has not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud
18. effort in a major election, whether it’s by mail or otherwise. So if the President’s own FBI director says this isn’t a problem, why does the President keep saying it is? A. As i've said many times, the President makes things up. Also, Wray is soon to be the ex-FBI director.
19. Judge Jeannie will be in the House tomorrow and we'll have an announcement and a lot of wine. Q. So these ballots — these ballots are going out. If the President does win, will he still think it was rigged and fraudulent? A. You're missing the point. He can't win fair and
20. square. He has to cheat. He's had to cheat his entire life. Its the only thing he knows. It's the only thing he's good at. Q. the President’s niece filed a lawsuit in New York State court today, alleging that the President and two of his siblings cheated her out of millions
21. and squeezed her out of the family business, and we were hoping to get a reaction from the White House. A. Asked and answered, i just said the President cheats at everything and cheats everyone he deals with.
22. on TikTok, we know that the CFIUS negotiations are continuing. Can you say: Has the President been briefed in the last couple days about how the CFIUS negotiations are going? Do you know when those negotiations will end?
23. A. The President doesn't need to be briefed. He gave the order. Take care of Larry Ellison who gives him money and make it look like he's being tough on China when he's in fact caving to them. Just like the trade deals. He has no idea what CFIUS is.
24. Q.The President suggested yesterday that he might overrule stricter standards at the FDA on a coronavirus vaccine. Why would the President not want strict standards for a vaccine on the coronavirus? A. Because there is an election in November if you didn't know.
25. He needs a big cliffhanger finish to season 4, and the FDA can either get on board or get out of the way. Q. The President suggested yesterday that he might overrule stricter standards at the FDA on a coronavirus vaccine. Why would the President not want strict standards
26. A. That question was so good, you asked it twice, i'll answer it once. Q. The White House is describing this healthcare event today as a chance for the President to outline his vision. Is that something less than his plan?
And just a second part of that: Does the White House think that it can address the country’s challenges with healthcare solely through executive action? A. Let's be serious, you don't lay out a vision in your 4th year, you do that at the beginning. There is no health care
28. plan. There never was one, never will be one and you can't do it by executive action. To be fair, being in court trying to kill Obamacare is sort of a health care plan if no one ever gets sick. You know, no testing, no sickness.
29. Q. I wanted to ask about the Supreme Court consideration. Has the President met with all the top candidates that are under consideration? Are there any others? Who else is he — are there any others that he’s still plans to meet with? Judge Lagoa, for example — does he
30. plan to meet with Judge Lagoa? A. He'll only be meeting with Judge Jeannie and i'll let you draw your own conclusions. And to answer your next question, yes you can be on the Supreme Court and the FBI Director at the same time. Q. Today, at the Supreme Court, when the
31. President approached —you know, was paying his respects to Justice Ginsburg —there were some people in the crowd that started the chant to “respect her wishes,” to “uphold her wishes.” Do you have some thoughts on those chants, which also, you know, included “Vote him out”?
32. A. He did not like it one bit. That's why he hid behind the column like a scared child. He made his wife face the cameras. But she has genius experience with that. By the way, everyone who chanted will have their ballots invalidated. Voter fraud - law and order. blah blah
33. Q. The former number two of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Paul Selva, who served under President Trump — he and 500 other national security and military leaders, they endorsed Joe Biden today. Do you guys have a comment on that, given that it doesn’t seem like Jim Mattis and
34. and Joe Dunford, who also served under the President, are rushing to support him in this election? A. No one who works with @realDonaldTrump up close is going to endorse him. They know what a nut he is. For God's sake, i'm his shadow spokesman and i'm voting for Biden.
35. Q. But why is Selva endorsing Joe Biden? A. He's not, his ballot will be invalidated too along with the other 500 people who signed that letter. Q. Two quick follow-ups on what’s been discussed earlier. Does the President still have confidence in the FDA Commissioner
36. based on his comments yesterday. A. Of course he does, as long as he does exactly what he wants him to do . Just ask all the former FBI directors. Q. And then to follow up, you said that you thought the chants outside the Supreme Court this morning were appalling.
37. Is there any issue with people peaceably demonstrating and chanting at the President? A. Only if they are wearing MAGA hats and carrying long guns. Next. Q. What was the emergency call the President left yesterday’s briefing to take? A. It was from the WH Counsel
38. telling him to get the hell away from the podium. Q. I wanted to go back to mail-in voting for just a bit. Right now, five states conduct elections entirely by mail-in, prior to the pandemic, with no cases or no major cases of fraud. Does that success not give the
39 President confidence in a mail in voting. A. He's confident if people are allowed to vote by mail, he'll lose. And that's unacceptable. He'll do and say anything to. make sure that doesn't happen.
40. That's the last question i'm going to take. As you know, @PressSec plants several questions with propaganda organizations like OANN. That's not the way we play the game here. @foxnews is lucky i answer their questions. Drop the mic.
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