Here’s my problem with public communication.

I deeply feel - emotionally - and actually think - intellectually - that attempts at persuasion are the same as manipulation. 1/
I hate the feeling of someone trying to sell me something - whether an idea or a product.
And I don’t do it to others.

People have told me often that my approach is not useful.

I say what I think as I see it.

I know it’s often not useful.

But my mind revolts at phrasing things to appeal to people’s feelings.

I do make an effort to respect people’s pain and not be hurtful.

I don’t go around telling people their dress is ugly.

I’m not Santana Lopez, though I love her. 3/
But I’m not going to change my wording to lead people to want to acknowledge a fact. I’m going to tell them a fact and then tell them what I think when they can’t handle it.

This is why I should never have a customer facing job.

And haven’t since I was about 20.
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