Here are four recent news stories that show just how desperate Trump is, how terrified he is, how certain he is that he will lose.

These stories don't mean what you think they mean. I'll get back to that. Don't listen to the spin. It means we're winning.

On this last matter, the Constitution says State legislatures get to decide how Electors are picked. Every State has opted to let citizens select them by voting. Trump wants to do away with voting, and have legislators pick them.

Yes, Trump wants to end presidential voting.

All of these are desperate measures. All are fascist measures. All are signs that TrumPublicans know the odds of Trump winning are very, very poor.

There are some pundidiots who want you to panic and wave your arms and run in fear--and just give up.

No. The meaning of these moves is that Trump Reich, and the Fascist Party, are terrified. They know they're in deep trouble. They know even the vote suppression efforts they've been building for decades won't stop us from unseating them.

They know our votes will stop them.

These acts of desperation aren't going to work. That doesn't mean we can be complacent. It means we must redouble our commitment to get our ballots cast, and to make fucking sure everyone we know casts a ballot.

#VoteBlue, or fascism wins. It's that simple.

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