#PoliceReformFraud is one of the things that happen when critical thinking is lacking especially around those in power. Whatever team wrote that piece of legislature, I am sure they had Ivy League College education but they missed out on developing the right kind of thinking
to help their own country. The executive and legislature need help from those of us who understand the terrin and feel the pain and have lost loved ones to #PoliceBrutality. the @PoliceNG should be interested in improving relations with the people. This #PoliceReformFraud bill
should be one that we all stand up against. Thanks to @DavidHundeyin for doing his job. Ours is to ensure that this bill is sent back and reenacted. The @NGRPresident needs to realize that the @PoliceNG is largely uneducated. It also means that no one in government is listening
or the handlers of the president are interested in an uproar and embarrassing the @NGRPresident. The fire brigade approach to explaining away terrible laws like this will not work this time. A few days ago a young man was shot four times for refusing to unlock his phone.
It is worrying and scary that we will have these Uneducated, mentally unstable folks who make up a bulk of the @PoliceNG interpret the law at whim. @MBuhari you may have a mutiny in your hands or a full scale civil unrest if these #PoliceBrutality increase (which will happen).
I am certain Their Excellencies @MBuhari, @ProfOsinbajo are as worried as we are because of their children and grandchildren and the lives of each Nigerian. I will urge the @NGRSenate and the entire @nassnigeria to take a closer look at this #PoliceReformFraud and make it right.
Sack your experts and pick the right partners and experts who can work on this. There is usually a public hearing which must have happened in this case. Make it a lot more inclusive. Get the victims to be there and learn from the confirmed cases of #PoliceBrutality.
A reformed Police is a safer country. You are in power today and riding this Tiger.Tomorrow your children will face it and no one can predict how it will turn out.Take out these obnoxious clauses and let us have a proper guideline for each scenario. The courts should be the only
place where guilt or innocence can be determined. No sweeping powers to a system that has been abused unless and until we get the right people in the @PoliceNG police. Until then like @DavidHundeyin said we must spell it out,clause by clause. Your Excellency @MBuhari our hopes
of walking around as young Nigerians without harassment,extortion and loss of lives rest with you and your team. We are not asking for much. Just repeal and replace #PoliceReformFraud. My best wishes to all of us. In the meantime don't buy a Policeman a drink..any drink at all.
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