Hello gorgeous people, let's talk about pasta.
TV shows, chefs, and companies who sell cooking equipment continually push the idea that making pasta is complex and requires lots of gear.
Ingredients: regular flour, eggs, olive oil, water.
Gear: knife, rolling pin
Have you ever made cookies?
You are qualified in all the skills needed to make pasta. The dough is no harder to create then any other, any is far easier than every pastry dough.
If you have one/are lazy you can use a food processor/blender. It's SO easy.
4 eggs
2 1/2 cups flour (NORMAL flour. No double 0, no expensive brand just regular plain flour. Cheap)
2 tbsp olive oil

Bc we have chickens which lay smaller eggs we use 2 whole eggs and 3 egg yolks. This also means we get to make meringues later.
The ONLY specialist thing you need to do with pasta dough, is rest it (room temp) for an hour or so after you make it and before you roll.
Then cut it into sections and roll!
"oh Sasha, you simply must have a pasta machine and a drying rack"

Politely? Fuck off and stop trying to sell me shit I don't need.
If you are making pasta for 20ppl each week, then sure, and pasta machine might be useful. It's faster (though with cleaning time this is debatable) but does not guarantee better results.
There's also a lie that you need a lot of space. Ha! Bite me.
This is my entire daily work surface. It's 30 inches wide and also houses all the utensils and chopping boards.
Roll your dough. Use plenty of flour. The shape doesn't really matter. You want it thin though.
Once when a student and disorganised, I used an empty cider bottle to roll pastry dough. The is no fancy equipment here.
Fold up the sheet...
Slicey slicey!
Cut them however thick you like, thinnish for tagliatelle, wider for pappardelle, big oblongs for lasagna.
Luck up your little rolls of pasta noodles, shake them to unstick, and voila!
"But what about a drying rack?"
Pfft! Please, who has that kind of space?
You don't need to dry fresh pasta. Make it right before you cook it, and just make sure it goes directly into boiling water and stir quickly to ensure it doesn't clump. Cooks in 4 mins.
This concludes the lesson. Pasta is for everyone, no gatekeeping required.
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